Friday, March 1, 2013

Birthday Weekend!

Well this Sunday (March 3rd) is my birthday and I will be turning 26, YIKES!
Time has flown by so quickly, I remember when I was 16!!!
Over the past few years I grew to LOVE and appreciate antiques. It is going to be 3 years I believe in May that my husband and I got bitten by the antique bug!
It is strange how things develop over time. My antique experience started off having my friend take me over to this place in NY called "Cold Spring". It is a cute little town with antique shops, she took my husband and I there and we fell in love, full force! I started off buying Milk Glass pieces, then she took us up to Red Hook NY where there are also a few antique stores, got more Milk Glass, I look back now I remember seeing tons of Pyrex but was not into then.
Then I started to collect depression glass (most of it is Pink). Then slowly got into Vintage jewelry....then clothing, then Pyrex! It has been a journey that is for sure!

I am loosing track of what I am trying to say, so anyway this is my birthday weekend and Sunday I am going antique shopping, what else?! That is what I love, and that is where I would like to spend my time on my Birthday. I HOPE I can find some awesome Pyrex piece I have been looking for, boy that would be such a great birthday gift! I will pray to the Pyrex gods that I can find something that will blow me away!
I was attempting to buy an early birthday gift for myself, a chip and dip balloon set with original box!!! In excellent condition, my bid was placed at $89 bucks, that is a lot already but was willing to splurge!

Of course I lost =( The winning bid was............get ready for this!

CRAZY!?! I love Pyrex but would never pay that! I have to come back to reality a bit and say it is still a bowl!

This person most likely will not be using it, not for almost 300 bucks!

Tax season is crazy sometimes, people spend it like crazy! They are lucky though, hopefully this weekend I can find one for way cheaper! and if not there is always 2 weeks away when I go to adamstown PA, ANTIQUE CAPITAL!

I will be posting some of my thrift finds from the past two weeks today,

until then happy thrifting!


  1. Happy Birthday! Hope you find really special pieces for your B-day.

  2. Happy Birthday! I wonder if that is the same chip and dip set I saw on ebay. It had it's original box, and I thought about bidding for a second, but I had a feeling it was going to be crazy. I don't know why I want one of those sets so much, but I can't help myself :)

    I wanted to mention something I found online this week, Pyrex fabric. I bought it on Wed and it came on Fri, which is amazing for living in Alaska! It was from, and it is Melody Miller "More Happy Dishes Ring a Ling". I thought of you and the other Pyrex collective people when I saw it. It is so cute!
    I'm not crafty, but I will think of something to do with my yard of fabric!

  3. I forgot to mention, I'll be sending you happy hunting vibes on your birthday!

  4. Hope it was a happy one and hope you found something special!

  5. We can't wait to see what you found-hopefully you have time to update soon!


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