Thursday, February 28, 2013

Butterprint on eBay!

Up for auction on eBay is a 4 piece Cinderella Butterprint mixing bowl set, not in perfect condition but still has many more years to it and would like to see it go to a good home!
Includes the 4 Quart, 2.5 quart, 1.5 quart and 1.5 pint cinderella bowls.

See it HERE

Also up on eBay is a Minty Butterprint 1.5 quart mixing bowl

See it HERE

And everything else I added HERE

More to come =)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

More for sale on ebay!

I keep adding and adding more stuff! Just wanted to fill you in on what else I added.

I added this 3 piece set of the Blue snowflake. 2 Cinderella mixing bowls, and a casserole (no lid)

You can see it here

Also for grabs is this awesome funky tea set! Very retro, not pyrex but just as nice!

You can see it here

Will be adding a red hostess bowl (no lid) and a lot of Butterprint.

Stay tuned! =)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Busy busy bee

I have been a busy bee lately, adding some nice vintage finds on eBay! I have found some nice treasures that I am going to keep and have been wanting to share with all of you but have not had any time! Sometime this will I will show you my prizes! =)

Keep warm, and happy thrifting!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Trade/Sell community blog

I personally wanted to start a blog on Blogger to have a TRADE/SELLING blog (community) where people can sell or trade their Pyrex items to other fellow Pyrex collectors! In order to start trading/selling Pyrex on this blog, you must be an author to post your trade or what you are selling.This is a SAFE blog and will not tolerate any scams etc, you will be knocked off of this blog and will no longer be an author.
I want this blog to be a happy place, a fun place and safe place most of all.

I personally do not have a Facebook account and I know Facebook has some group pages where people trade and sell Pyrex. For me, Facebook is annoying and I do really love blogger, much more fun!
So please feel free to become a fellow follower the more the merrier! 
As far as I know blogger does not have this "community" or "group page" like Facebook does, and I want to change that!!

If you do want to become an author to start selling/trading on I Heart Pyrex then please e-mail me at to say that you want to be an author of this blog and I will add you! 

Enjoy the blog and let's see what Pyrex is out there!!


Saturday, February 16, 2013

UPDATE-Selling Pyrex on eBay! SOLD!

This is my first time selling anything on eBay and I have a lot of things to sell! I have no room and need to clear out some stuff, I also have doubles of Pyrex! I only added 1 piece of Pyrex but over the weekend I will add more!

I am selling a 2 1/2 qt Spring Blossom mixing bowl, has some scratches but am only selling it for $6.95 minus shipping. I have 1 person bidding and 3 people watching it! 1 day left! Check it out:

UPDATE: This has been sold! Hurray! =) I have added some more Pyrex and will continue through the day. 

Here are some other Pyrex that I am selling:

Lime green 2QT round casserole also with a 8 inch pie dish (both lime green)

Also a 4QT yellow primary bowl

And although this is not Pyrex it is super cute and really retro, a 1960's flower power cheese board with glass dome!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

New Item* Promotional "Salad Bowl"

Two days ago I received a package in the mail and yes it was something I bought from eBay.
I have been buying a few pieces of Pyrex that I can win at an auction at a decent price to get my "Pyrex Fix".  Some of you can feel my pain of not finding a whole lot in the thrift stores, hopefully this will all change tomorrow when I go on the hunt. Getting back to my purchase, I finally opened the package yesterday and it was in really really good shape. It is a 1960 Promotional Cinderella mixing bowl called "Salad Bowl". It came originally with clear tongs but of course those did not come with my purchase and have not seen them before with any "Salad Bowl" on the internet. I am wondering if the tongs were marked Pyrex? Or were they without a logo? Would love to find out!

It is a beautiful shade of teal, and is a standard 4 QT. I will be using this for salad! I LOVE it. I paid $29 with shipping, I didn't think it was that bad, and was the cheapest one on eBay. I won the auction because no one else was bidding on it...I wonder why? Do Pyrex collectors not like this pattern? My friend bought one for $10 in an antique store and was in MINT condition. At first I have to admit I was not loving it, it was OKAY but nothing great...then I came to think about it and looked at pictures of it on the internet and I grew fond of it and loved it and wanted it! So now I have the "Salad bowl" to add to my Pyrex collection, isn't she pretty?

Does anyone have this promotional bowl in their collection, and if so what do they serve in it?

FINALLY I get to go thrift shopping!

It has been 2 whole weeks since I have gone thrift shopping!!! That is way too long for me! I haven't gone because of the snow storm we had last week, now the weather seems great so hopefully I waited 2 weeks to bring home a huge haul! Wouldn't that be great? I hope tomorrow I find some Pyrex, some vintage linens (tablecloth's, pillowcases, aprons, etc), some more Pyrex, some retro glassware, Pyrex and did I mention Pyrex?? =)

I hope everyone has had some luck in the hunt, hopefully people are doing their spring cleaning and are donating a ton of stuff! Wish me luck!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pyrex on Rosemary's baby

I was watching on Netflix, "Rosemary's baby". I am sure most of you remember that film. It is from the late 60's I believe or early 70's. Starring Mia Farrow. Well anyway, I spotted some Pyrex! YES, some Pyrex!!!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Some more interesting 60's commercials

For some reason, I do enjoy these 1960's commercials. They are interesting to me rather than today's commercials. Here are some  "interesting", "strange","funny" commercials of the 60's! Enjoy.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

More finds from January

I found this at a Savers last week. This is by Pyrex? Corning. Starburst carafe with lid.
I might be selling this but not sure yet.  

I found these books at the same Savers.
Someone must have collected these books...they are untouched though!
They were $1.99 each!

I have this book (below) for my husband but it is from 1957, I found this book at Savers and this is the first edition from 1951! Got this one for free at savers, buy 4 get 1 book free.

I found this 1970 edition of the Handyman's book at an antique store for $12!
I must note: I am a big better homes and gardens fan, if you can't tell =)

I found these vintage glasses at all different thrift stores. They were all 0.95 cents each.

I only found 1 of these. It is reversed color on each side of the glass. so cute.

1950's/1960's commercials

Even though I was not born at the time, don't you love looking at the 50's/60's commercials?
I do!
I'd like to share some of my favorites....


Jubilee commercial! I found out at Retro Renovation that Jubilee is back on the market!
It does sound familar to me, maybe my grandmother used it? It looks like I have seen it before, well it is back! Read all about it on Retro Renovation...Here.

It is a kitchen wax, that can be used on mostly anything! Does anyone remember using it back in the day? do you remember your mom or grandmother using it?

Westinghouse refrigerator line did this ad for 6:26 minutes! 

Vintage Tupperware!!!!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Some of my nice finds

Here are some of my finds within the last 2 weeks.

This is what my friend gave me from his storage. His mom's mid century magazine rack. Isn't it awesome?
(notice the vintage magazines in it)

This is also from him. His mom's sewing machine chair. I just love the style of it. Although the fabric is ripped, I will be re-upholstering it maybe red vinyl?

Storage under neath the seat.

This was also his moms. From the 40's. A Celluloid vanity mirror. I cleaned it up the best I could and it came out beautiful!

These two I believe where my friends fathers. Two cocktail shakers. The red one came with the spoon and the drainer.

I found this at a thrift shop last week! This is a Ice-o mat from the 50's. When I bought it, it was all scratched up but when I started to clean came off! I guess it was from storing! Lucky for me it looks brand new!
I got it for $4.95

Does anyone remember these?! I do! My grandmother has 2 of them and she ALWAYS used them! For some reason they are so durable. So I have been looking for these. Especially the yellow ones. 
I found this one at an antique store for $9! I love it, I just used it last night!
Now I am on the hunt for the large one.

This beautiful painting I found at  GW in CT. It is actually very unique because the "frame" of this painting is actually not a frame, they converted it into a frame from the bottom wood part of a lazy susan!!!
How unique!
And of course I love fruit and it is actually hand painted.

This is another item my friend gave me from his storage unit.
This is his moms possibly 1950's or 60's? iron! I needed one so badly to iron my vintage tablecloths etc.
What is better than a vintage one?! This one was NEVER used. The cords were still tied together from the factory and the label still on the iron. I used it on one of my vintage tablecloths and it is works wonders!

to be continued...

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pyrex wonderland

Well I finally uploaded these pictures I took off of my cell phone. I went to a little town in CT about a month or so ago. The whole town is full of antique stores, some are too ritzy for me and others are country like antiques..there is one of my favorite stores that is funky and fun. Well I walked into this "general store" where they make food, cookies, pies etc. In this general store I almost fell over and fainted and for two reasons.

One is because they had Pyrex all over the place (and a ton of Jadite), beautifully displayed sitting on their shelves and they were for sale! Second is because when I ran over to the pieces and first looks at how great of a condition they were in then I snagged the price tag and was shocked again! $135 for Butterprint mixing bowl set of 4!!!!!!!!!!! Are they nuts? That is so over priced. They wanted $235 for the "blue mixing bowls" and the "pink mixing bowls" insane!
I came to terms with, they have them just for display...and not really for sale. Their prices were triple over the limit of what they really are worth. They will just sit on the shelves in their general store and collect dust and never get a home unless you want to blow $500 plus on 2 sets of mixing bowls! But I did take pictures because it was really really nice to look at and I could dream can't I?

Monday, February 4, 2013

Spot Pyrex!

I found some pictures of my husband as a little baby. And I spotted PYREX! It is the 404 yellow primary bowl!

My husband is the little boy on the left and his brother on the right, pictured with his great-grandmother. and yes the yellow Pyrex! How awesome is that?! This must of been his grandmother's bowl...hmmmm wonder what happened to it?