Sunday, December 30, 2012

My favorite 2012 finds for Pyrex

Well, tomorrow is New Years Eve and I think it's time to recap on what I bought in 2012 that was really the bomb! I have started collecting Pyrex in September of this year so only a few months, but I must say I have a lot of Pyrex within these few months!
I keep my options open, I buy at the thrift stores, the antique centers and on eBay so I find a lot!
So here are my awesome finds of 2012, and bring it on 2013...I am so ready to find some awesome Pyrex =)

Here is my lonnnng list of my favorite Pyrex finds...

This was my favorite buy of 2012, my Moon Deco casserole that I bought on eBay in November.

I bought this beauty 2 weeks ago,this is the Orange Fiesta casserole, with fruit decals on the lid.
Got this in upstate, NY

My first Butterprint covered casserole! I love it. 
Found in upstate, NY

Rainbow Stripes! My first in this pattern.
Also found in Upstate NY

This is also one of my favorites, this is the Barbed wire promotional divided casserole.
Found in Dutchess County, NY

I have been looking for this for sometime now. This is the 4 Qt mixing bowl of the Pink mixing bowl set.
Found this in Dutchess County, NY

My lovely mom bought me this Blue Horizon 2 1/2 Qt casserole for Christmas.
Found this in NJ

My mom also bought me this for Christmas, the Snowflake 1 1/2 Qt casserole,
found in NJ

I love this one! It came with the original underplate too! 
This is the "Vintage"/Grapes casserole.
Found in NJ

My first Gooseberry pattern! This is another favorite of mine!
Found in Dutchess County, NY

This is my LOVE. Snowflake collection! 
Snowflake space saver, 2 divided dishes & one not divided dish.
All found in CT thrifts.

Blue Snowflake Cinderella mixing bowls & Butterprint Cinderella mixing bowl
Found in CT thrifts.

One of my very first finds in the thrift stores.
Turquoise chip and dip and red hostess.
I need to find their mates!
Found in CT thrifts.

My precious Flamingo Pyrex dinnerware, that I found in a GW in CT.
Such a steal at $1.00 a piece!
Now, I just need to add more to this so I can actually use it!

My lovely, lovely Pink Daisy 2 1/2 Qt casserole.
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one!

Found in CT

Pink Daisy & Charcoal Snowflake both divided casseroles.
Found in CT.

Early American mixing bowl set of 3. I am not a big fan of the Early American pattern, but I must admit I do have a soft spot for the white on just POPS.
Love this one.

Found in CT for $6

Not sure why most people do not like this Gooseberry pattern scheme.
I adore it. It is very unique.
I found these in Savers in CT.
Just recently, I found the yellow 1 1/2 Qt that was missing from this set and now I proudly have a complete set of this yellow and black gooseberry.

This Spring Blossom mixing bowl set I found COMPLETE and snatched it up for $8!
Another pattern people do not like too much, I like it...its very funky.
Found this in CT

Another favorite pattern of mine, Daisy.
Just beautiful!
The top picture. my husband surprised me with for Christmas

and the bottom picture, I bought in NJ.

My husband also surprised me with this under the tree, 
Designs is a mag pattern.

I also have this Blue Americana  Pint mixing bowl.
Another Christmas present from my husband.

Another Christmas present from my mom.
This is a promotional item. Royal is a divided dish with a lid with designs on it.
Really stunning.
Found in NJ

Now for my most favorite pieces of all time!
Golden Leaf  is a promotional 4 Qt casserole.
I am missing the lid and the holder but it is still a beauty!
Found in Adamstown, PA

Ohhh, sweet Holiday casserole how I love thy! =)
Another Promotional Christmas piece.
found in Adamstown, PA

Sweet, Golden Pointsettias, another Promotional casserole.
Found this in excellent condition, no scratches, no fading and no chips! 
Lucky me!
Found in Adamstown, PA

They look so nice together!

That is all for my favorites of 2012! Hope you enjoyed it..what are your favorite Pyrex items of 2012?

Addicted to Pyrex is soo addicting!

I must say, being "addicted" to Pyrex is beyond what I can say. I am full blown ADDICTED!
The Pyrex bug didn't bite me until about September of this year! I have been collecting antiques for about almost 3 years now and have never gotten into it until now.
I have seen tons and tons of Pyrex when I went antique shopping, I use to stop, admire it, even went up to it and thought about starting but would put it down and say nahh!
I thought they were awesome looking it just didn't bite me yet.
My first Pyrex ever was from my husband's grandmother, she gave me two pieces of Pyrex.
This was about 3 or 4 years ago when my husband and I were engaged at this point and were moving into our first apartment. (I live in the apartment of my grandmother's house that she has lived in since she was a 18 year old bride), so she gave us some things because I had nothing at this point and she said they are very old..she gave me the Homestead 2 1/2 Qt mixing bowl and the Green Primary 2 1/2 Qt mixing bowl. I thought it was so nice of her, but yet the Pyrex bug did not bite me yet.
Then, my friend got into Pyrex and she started to collect Butterprint. I loved it, but didn't know if I really wanted to start collecting Pyrex because where would I store it?
and it still wasn't an interest to me.
Then when I went over to her home, I saw her collection that she had made with the Butterprint and it looked so nicely together. It started to bite, a little bite here and there...starting to feel the love for Pyrex. I then struck up the nerve to buy a full 4 piece mixing bowl set of the Butterprint on eBay and won! and loved them and still do. Then I got more into collecting the Butterprint because when you put all the pieces together, it is really nice to look at and admire. and of course use!
After I bought the regular mixing bowls (set of 4) and the Cinderella mixing bowls (also set of 4) of the butterprint, I added to the collection the fridge dishes (full set), the butter dish and then I stopped. I stopped looking because I got into other things, like vintage jewelry....never was into vintage jewelry and then went antique shopping and got addicted to vintage jewelry overnight!

It is funny how things work and how new collecting happens...Then my husband and I went to Adamstown PA (antiques capital of PA) and I must recommend you going! It is a MUST!
and my husband picked up these dinner plates, it was the "Butterfly gold" pattern made by Corelle. He said his other grandma had these exact plates and he had so many nice memories with this pattern. I decided that the pattern is really nice, the plates are very durable and the more I looked at them the more I liked them and we got a lot of pieces of that pattern in the dinnerware set.
He then told me his grandmother had this pattern in Pyrex, mixing bowls, casserole dishes, mugs etc and I said well I love the pattern I will now collect it.
and so I did! I ended up collecting the Butterfly gold pattern I have 3 regular mixing bowls (still need the 4 Qt), full set of the Cinderella mixing bowls, butter dish, 1 1/2 casserole dish with lid being white with gold decal, 2 1/2 Qt round casserole, gravy boat, 2 mugs, 1 1/2 Qt round casserole etc etc etc....I have too much to even type!

Then I stopped collecting again....then this past August I was looking up Pyrex again, just out of the blue and came upon Pyrex Collective 3 blog site and saw all the awesome treasures that everyone found at thrift stores, I was FINALLY hooked! The pyrex bug bit me hard this time and for good!
After about 2 weeks looking at all the blogs about Pyrex and seeing all the wonderful things, I got the nerve to go out and find some thrift shops, not knowing what it would be like I went ahead and never looked back!
It took me awhile to get hooked on Pyrex full force and now I can't stop buying Pyrex, weather in a thrift store or antique center...I want more and more and more!

What is your Pyrex story? How did the Pyrex bug bite you?

Friday, December 28, 2012

The Pyrex of Today

I am sure there are a lot of you that are with me on this!
Pyrex today is clear glass, plain and BORING. Pyrex is still made in the USA (Horray!)
Thank goodness for that at least, too many things are made in China but that is for another post!
When is today's Pyrex ever fun??
 I own one piece of today's pyrex and it is UGLYYYY. Clear and  plain. Not my thing.

Actually, I will rephrase that. The ONLY fun Pyrex of today that I do have is the limited edition Halloween canisters, I must admit they are cute! Other than that nothing else! What is with Pyrex?
I have asked my husband this question numerous times and he has a possible answer to it.
I ask " Why doesn't Pyrex produce more fun stuff, like they use to? Not even to make it fancy and pretty all the time, even limited editions." and his answer is "Pyrex probably can't afford to make them like that anymore, it is probably too costly."

Too costly my foot! They make well enough money, why oh why can't they make a nice vintage like limited edition of a casserole dish or mixing bowl set?? Does anyone else ask this question? Because I do! 
He said I should write to them, but not sure what that will do.....they should make Pyrex more fun, more decorative like they use to make them....maybe they should make a new pattern to add to the Pyrex patterns...I just don't get why they won't.

This is why they are loosing my business because I buy the vintage pieces! Not the new ones, is anyone with me on this?

Thursday, December 27, 2012

My Merry Pyrex Christmas!-UPDATE

UPDATE- I forgot to add that I found this beautiful "Daisy" 4 Qt mixing bowl in an antique store for $16 bucks...even though it was a little pricey, I had to get it and before I knew it I have TWO "Daisy" patterns now! The one below----that my husband bought me for Christmas and I bought this beautiful bowl long before he even showed me what he bought! Score for me!

My Sweet husband knew exactly what I wanted...Pyrex, what else?!
He did a good job!

My mouth dropped when I opened up this one; It is the "Americana" Blue/Turquoise 1 1/2 Pt. Mixing bowl! It is soo beautiful, I love it! I read somewhere that the blue "Americana" is hard to find.

I also got the "Designs" or "Art Deco" 2 1/2 Qt bowl. Love it so much! 

My husband knew I wanted the "Daisy" so badly! This is my first piece of the yellow Daisy!

He also snatched up the "Sandlewood" mixing bowls, one is 4 Qt and the other is 1 1/2 PT.
Love them both, are great for the fall!

I do not have a lot in this pattern and it is actually really nice, the "Square flowers".
This is the 4 Qt mixing bowl.

He also picked up this 2 1/2 Qt mixing bowl I believe it is the Primary colors, green bowl.
I have a similar one but this one is more rounded on the bottom.

And he also got me the FULL season of Mad Men! Woo hoo! 

Before Christmas I was able to score these two three finds at a thrift shop.

I got the Vinegar "Butterfly Gold" pattern for $1.95 and the Oil "Butterfly Gold" also for $1.95,
then I grabbed this "Butterfly gold" Pyrex casserole dish without lid, for $3.95!
More to add to my Butterfly Gold collection!!!

I also found this awesome Strawberry needlepoint, very vintage in an antique store I stopped at before Christmas.
Isn't it awesome? I loveee fruit!
and it is hanging in my living room alongside my other vintage needlepoint that I picked up at a thrift for $4!

I also found these awesome vintage needlepoints in another antique center I stopped at, of course they are of fruit! They are hanging in my kitchen, they look so great!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Holiday. Tonight my husband and I are exchanging gifts, and tomorrow we are having 2 good friends come over for Christmas dinner. I have been a busy bee today, my husband and I have been making Christmas chocolate lollipop's and treats, and make festive chocolate covered strawberry's!
Will update you with some nice pictures!
Tonight my husband is making his AWESOME stuffing dish! And I am baking Strufoli's (an Italian Christmas desert) and my grandmother's Christmas cookie's that I made during Thanksgiving.
Lot's of fun stuff for us! I want to thank all of you that have enjoyed my blog, I wish all of you a wonderful, healthy and happy Holiday!

I hope the holiday brings you tons of Pyrex! =)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Holiday shopping, ALMOST done.

well, it was interesting yesterday. My husband and I went to an antique center and we were buying gifts for each other but we couldn't see what we were getting each other, all I know is my husband bought a whole load of Pyrex for me! I said wheres all the Pyrex in the store, Joe you took all of it!!! =) Very good for me though!

Today I am going to another antique center in NJ to just finish up my Christmas shopping....
then it is relax time for me until Christmas Eve =/ then the cooking begins!

How is everyone's holiday shopping going? did anyone get early Christmas presents?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Update- All done with display! Need your opinion.

Well, that was not that bad....kinda quick.

I am going to play with it more within a few days, because if I come home with more Pyrex on Friday it might have to be displayed on my kitchen cabinets.

I must does look good and give a huge POP to my kitchen. I love my kitchen besides the fact, because the cabinets are from the 1950's. I just added the vintage style red ruby knobs which makes it look so awesome!
I love EVERYTHING about my kitchen, it is really a nice my hubby is going to add black and white checkered floors to give it even more a 50's look.

sooo...what do you think? or should I take out the pitchers?
I really want your opinion....
I did it color coordinated thats why I kept some of the pitchers there OR should I just do all Pyrex and display some Pyrex ads up there?

I am still playing with it, sooo let me know, your opinion matters to me! =)

I have an idea....and it has to do with pyrex!

I have some nice idea, right now on above my kitchen cabinets are my collection of vintage pitchers. For some reason I am attracted to their graphics and some of the shapes..but I have to admit I am a little bored of it right now.

So I was searching this new site called FlickRiver and searched Pyrex Displays and some neat things popped up....

Does anyone have this display in their kitchen like this?

I was telling my friend last night on the phone that I wanted to do this and she said "The Pyrex is invading!!" Haha, that was very funny! It sure is =) and I do not mind it!

I will take before and after pictures, I will start on this now and see what happens!...
I still have some Pyrex ads that I am wanting to frame, so maybe this weekend I will frame some and display them with the Pyrex! New idea! 

Stay tuned...