Thursday, April 11, 2013

It has been awhile.....

It has been some time since I got back in the groove of things. My computer broke the last time I was on here blogging and now I am finally trying to get back into showing everyone my finds, although I have not been thrifting in about a month! It was really slow in March and the thrift stores are not close to me so I wanted to wait it out till the spring time so maybe people would be donating more and make it more worth my while.
I have been selling a lot on eBay, which is good! I try to add stuff daily. I have sooo much to sell! I have it all stored in my attic and boy is it taking up space! I have A LOT of Pyrex, 2 jewelry boxes, an Airguide thermometer set from the 50's, a cheese plater, drinking glasses, depression glass, some vintage clothing, etc etc...right now on ebay is the following (links below)

Here is everything that I am selling:

I will try and maybe go out tomorrow and go thrifting!

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