Monday, July 1, 2013

Blog alert! New blog for cookbook recipes!

I finally made a really nice blog (besides this one! This other blog is all about vintage recipes from the 1920's-1970's. I am still keeping the Pyrex Junkie blog for my treasure finds and such, but I have another passion and that is cooking and especially cooking vintage recipes! They are so fun and different! So this new/other blog that I started is about taking vintage recipes whether it is from vintage cookbooks, hand written recipes, jello mold recipes, Family recipes, the most delicious recipes and the most disgusting, god awful recipes you can find and putting them to the test!
I will always post with the recipe and original scan from the cookbook and will show you how it is prepared with pictures! Then at the end I will show you the finished look and give you the verdict!

How fun is that? And not only will I be testing out recipes but would love for YOU to come and join in on the fun! You can send me scans of the recipes to my E-mail and I will post the recipe you sent!

The blog is called Retro Cookbook Recipes

Check it out! And follow me for updates on new recipe posts!

I would love this site to take a lift off and be something really fun!

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