Sunday, September 23, 2012

At the last moment, more new thrift treasures from today!

Boy oh Boy, does CT have a lot of Pyrex in their thrift stores! I was on my way with my mom to this antique center in CT. She has never been and I have gone there 100's of times. It is such a beautiful day here in NY today, fall is defiantly in the air! Love it!
Anyway, we went to the antique center.
I bought 1 think of Pyrex for $10. The cheapest one in the store!
It is a casserole dish by Pyrex, the pattern is called "Snowflake".
I saw TONS of Pyrex there, but were too overpriced. I have not been thrifiting for 2 days
and will never buy another piece of Pyrex in an antique store unless it is a good price or extremely rare.
I knew that there was a Savers thrift near by and as I was going to Savers there was
another thrift store before it, I stopped in and got 3 things of Pyrex!
Then I finally went to Savers and although I did not get Pyrex I got a REALLY good
deal on Homer Laughlin dinner plates and soup plates! No Pyrex to be found!
I was going back to NY to go home and down the road from Savers was a Goodwill.
I quickly stopped in, and to be hold I found tons of Pyrex! I scored there big time!
So after I get all of my Pyrex cleaned I will take pictures and show them to you!

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