Saturday, September 22, 2012

Finally my thrift shop treasures!

It took me all day to clean everything from my finds from yesterday.
I finally put everything away and uploaded the pictures and now here they are!...

I got the Butterfly gold mixing bowl by Pyrex at RWB for $4.95, Underneath it is a pattern called Candleglow by Anchor Hocking Fire king. It is a baking dish I got that at GW for $8.00. 
And the cute little mixing bowl I bought at GW for $2.00 it is also by Anchor hocking fire king Springtime Pattern.

I got this for a steal! It was hiding in the back of the rack with all of the other glassware items at the RWB store. This is a 4qt mixing bowl by Pyrex. I got this for $1.95! Only because it had metal marks on it and I scrubbed it with dawn dish soap and a sponge and most of it came out.
 A little elbow grease came a long way! 

The top is a casserole bowl by Pyrex. A pattern called Crazy Daisy.
It is 1 1/2 qt. I got this lovely little piece for $2.95!Although it came with no lid, hopefully I can find a lid soon to go with it!
The other is also by Pyrex and came with the lid! No chips or cracks in great condition! I got this at Savers.
I got this for $3.95!
This pattern is called Gold Acorn. It is called a Oblong Space saver casserole.

The blue refrigerator dish is a little washed out probably by someone putting this poor thing in the dishwasher! But I still saved it because it still can be used. (I used it tonight to store tonight's left overs!)

This is by Pyrex, Primary Colors Blue Oblong  refrigerator dish. It is 11/2 pint. I got it for $2.00!

The bottom one is by Pyrex and the pattern is called Early American. This is a 21/2 qt. With the lid!!! No chips or cracks. In great condition! I got this for a whopping $3.95! What a great deal right?!

I have also a Pyrex coffee carafe. I did not take pictures yet..I will post them tomorrow.

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