Thursday, September 27, 2012

Yesterday's thrift was great!

Sorry I have been delayed with showing you the treasures I found at the other thrift.
I have been very busy, between housework and doing errands and thrifting!
I went yesterday with my two good friends to Dutchess County NY. We stopped at a few thrift shops. Although they were not so good, we stopped at a GW super store!
That was the honey hole!
I found a lot of nice things, although not a lot of Pyrex. I did get 1 piece of Pyrex!

My husband and I are going to a pre-sale today. My husband knows this man and he has a collection like what you see on American Pickers! We will be the only ones there and I get to pick whatever I want!
He is also giving us a tour of what his collections are (which he isn't parting with). I thought that would be nice.

I will also keep you posted on what I find today!

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