Saturday, September 29, 2012

Do you think I have enough!!!

This is my cupboard in my kitchen! FILLED! I hardly have any room left for more Pyrex!
I need to get a cabinet now!

Here are the promised photos from the last two thrift finds!

I bought these two lovely pieces yesterday. The Pink one is a 11/2 QT divided casserole dish (without the lid)
This pattern is called "Pink Daisy"
I have been wanting this pattern for sometime now. I got this at the RWB Thrift in CT it was $3.95
It is from 1957.

The black one is a rare find! I got this one at Savers, again seems more common to find these 
without the covers. This pattern is called "Snowflake". Although this pattern comes in Turquoise with
white snowflakes (which I have). This one is BLACK with white snowflakes.
This is called "Charcoal". 
This also came out in 1957.
I only paid $1.99!!!! I gladly smiled and grabbed this lovely piece of Pyrex.

Now, this I saw as I was grabbing all the Pyrex in RWB thrift. I paid $3.95
It has yellow daisies on it. It is a divided casserole dish. But what is funny it has no label on the bottom.
It says nothing but this pattern on the bottom of it:

I believe they are made by Glasbake. Maybe it was a misprint with no name? Could that be?
I was intriged by the pattern and the no label on it. But I knew Glasbake has this pattern on the bottom of their items.
Does anyone know any information on this??

This is one of my favorite patterns. My husband got me loving this pattern. It is
called "Butterfly Gold" by Pyrex. Made in the 60's through the 70's.
My husbands grandmother had a lot of this pattern, I believe she had the mixing bowls, the Corelle butterfly gold dinner plates, bowls (which I have).
She also had the Pyrex mugs.
So he got me into this pattern and I found this cute little piece (which I already had already, but it doesn't hurt to have two!)
This is apart of the mixing bowl set, the smallest one. It is 11/2 PT. It was only $3.95! I had to get another one. 

Even though these are not Pyrex, they were inspired by Pyrex.
This pattern is called "Spring Blossom/Crazy Daisy" by Corelle
Made in the 70's.
I bought these at Savers.
I got 4 bowls, which were $2.99 for all!
4 Lunch plates they were also $2.99!
and they only had 2 dinner plates so I snatched these up for .99 cents a piece!
I enjoyed these last night eating some Whole Foods pizza!!!
I really like this pattern, it is fun to eat with!

I bought these my last week at RWB Thrift. They were $2.95 for each. They are made by Glasbake and learned a little about the company Glasbake.
Glasbake was introduced by McKee Glass Company in 1917. They were sued by Corning for patent infringement and reformulated their glass formula and re-introduced Glasbake in May of 1919.
McKee manufactured Glasbake until he was bought out by Thatcher glass in 1951.
Thatcher produced Glasbake until they were bought out in 1961 by Jeanette Glass. Then Jeanette Glass produced it until they ended the line in 1979.
These two are marked with a serial number with the J in front of it. Which are by Jeanette glass. 
Interesting huh?

This is the matching baking dish. (No lid) I bought this also at RWB Thrift for $2.95.

Same pattern which is called "Green daisy" I believe.
This a casserole dish, no lid. $3.95

And here is the set I have so far for this pattern. Nice isn't it?

This is by Pyrex, this pattern is called "Shenandoah".
I have never seen this pattern before so I snatched it up 
for $1.99 at Savers!
No lid, this pattern is from 1982.
This is #473 Cinderella Casserole.

Not sure of the pattern's name. Looks to be from the 70's. 
I bought this for $2.95. It is by Pyrex and is 11/2 QT.
Any info??

These two I found at RWB. The top one is "Brown" Cinderella mixing bowl 1 1/2 pt.
The bottom is the pattern called "Homestead". Produced in 1976.
I already have a mixing bowl in this pattern given to me by my husbands grandmother.
This is 1.5 PT casserole dish without a lid.

I bought these at a cute little thrift shop on my way to another thrift!
I thought that these were a unique looking shape for Pyrex!
The red one I found out after I purchased is a "Hostess oven and table set"
I have not found the matching bowls yet =(
Produced in 1949! This is my oldest Pyrex!
This is a 21/2 QT. I got this for $4.95!

The Turquoise Pyrex is from the Chip n Dip series.
I did not find the little one with the holding dish to make it for chip n dip!
This came alone.
I know that the chip n dip are really high priced, I guess because they are rare.
I bought this piece for $4.95! Maybe I can find the matching pieces?

This is what it should look like! Awesome isn't it? With the box!

I had a little Pyrex photoshoot!!

I found the 1st to the left is called "Autumn Harvest" by Pyrex.
This pattern was produced in 1982. Microwaveable!
This is the 4 QT mixing bowl. I also have the 1.5 qt.

The middle one is called "Colonial Mist" by Pyrex. Made in the late 70's.
This is a 21/2 QT casserole. Got it for 3.95!

The last one to the right is called "Gold Acorn" by Pyrex.
It is known as the Cinderella Oval Oven Baker. Produced in the 1960's.
Got this for $3.95!

More to come!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Happy Friday Thrifting!

Today is Friday, and that means I go thrifting again! I am going back to CT because it was such a success for me last week.
Hope to find more Pyrex!!!

Happy hunting!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Yesterday's thrift was great!

Sorry I have been delayed with showing you the treasures I found at the other thrift.
I have been very busy, between housework and doing errands and thrifting!
I went yesterday with my two good friends to Dutchess County NY. We stopped at a few thrift shops. Although they were not so good, we stopped at a GW super store!
That was the honey hole!
I found a lot of nice things, although not a lot of Pyrex. I did get 1 piece of Pyrex!

My husband and I are going to a pre-sale today. My husband knows this man and he has a collection like what you see on American Pickers! We will be the only ones there and I get to pick whatever I want!
He is also giving us a tour of what his collections are (which he isn't parting with). I thought that would be nice.

I will also keep you posted on what I find today!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cleaning Pyrex

Credit to Jeni in her blog In color order for these awesome tips.

The Pyrex Series: Cleaning 101

Today's Pyrex post is about cleaning! We will identify the various common stains on Pyrex and the many different cleaning products that can be used on them!

First we'll simply identify some useful cleaning tools that you may want to equip yourself with to tackle dirty Pyrex!

Pyrex Cleaning Tools:

Liquid dish soap, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, Baking Soda, Bar Keeper's Friend, Corningware Cleaner, Oven Cleaner, Dawn Powder Dissolver, Goo-gone, and Scotch-brite pads.

*Before your break out all your cleaning supplies and get working, please don't forget the most important rule in Pyrex cleaning! Always test products (with the exception of regular old dish soap) on the bottom edge of a piece. Check to make sure you are not removing any color. Older pieces don't hold up well to some of these products!*

I think most Pyrex collectors will agree that aside from dish soap, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is one of the most useful cleaners for Pyrex! It is truly "magic"! :)

I have added notes to all of these images to better show the stains. To view them you will need to click on the image and be redirected to flickr.

Yellow/Brown Stains

First and arguably the most common stain on Pyrex is a yellowish stain as seen in the backstamp of this bowl. This will sometimes just be dirt, and can be removed with a little soapy water. Generally however, it needs to be removed with a Magic Eraser. Wet the eraser and the piece. Do a little scrubbing and it should be gone!

Grease Stains

One of the other very common stains on Pyrex is baked on grease. It usually appears in dots like this and is also usually found on the handles. A little scrubbing with a Magic Eraser can help, but often is not enough. I usually attack these stains by soaking the piece in hot water + baking soda. Soak for an hour or two depending on how much grease there is. Then use a Scotch-brite pad and a little soap to scrub away the grease. I have found the Corningware Cleaner and Dawn Powder Dissolver are helpful with these stains as well. Sometimes the stain will get into the grooves and can be scraped out with a toothpick or pin.

Metal Marks

One of the hardest stains to remove are these gray streaky stains. They are metal marks. The best product to remove them is Bar Keeper's Friend and Corningwear Cleaner. Generally, Bar Keeper's Friend will remove them completely, but will also remove the shine, which you don't want. I only use Bar Keeper's friend on white pieces and only leave it on for a few seconds before scrubbing and rinsing it off. Sprinkle it on your sponge or scrubber and not directly on the Pyrex. Be VERY careful while using it because it is pretty abrasive and can damage pieces. I use this as a very last resort. The Corningwear Cleaner can remove these stains but will also remove a bit of shine although not nearly as much as the Bar Keeper's Friend. Just be careful when using either product!

Oven Stains

The only stain that has completely stumped me so far are these pesky stains. I am still a little unsure what the stain is, but I have only seen it on baking dishes so far, so I must conclude that it is some kind of oven stain. I have been told that oven cleaner can be used on these but I have not had luck with that yet. The oven cleaner I have was purchased at the dollar store, so that might be why I haven't had any luck! A woman at a flea market last weekend suggested I try the cleaner for glass stovetops but I have yet to try this out!


Another thing to look out for that is not a stain is scratches in the color. When shopping, a simple way to check for this is to hold a piece up to the light. The scratches will let light through and you can easily see them. These cannot be removed in any way.


Goo-gone and rubbing alcohol can be helpful when getting off pesky price stickers! Another thing you may run into while shopping for pieces is Pyrex that has had it's lid taped together with packing tape. This is especially annoying for collectors as it can take off the pattern if you aren't careful! I found this out the hard way! In order to safely remove the tape I suggest (using rubber gloves) to pull up a tiny bit of the tape, and then let veryhot water run on it and slowly pull it off. The water seeps under the tape quite well and allows it to come off much easier. This method has worked very well for me since my original debacle with packing tape!

One more thing to mention is fading! Color fading and loss of shine in general cannot be fixed, although some have had luck in restoring shine using oils. I however have not! If a piece is faded from age or dishwasher use, there is pretty much nothing that you can do!

As you are out thrifting and collect more pieces, you will learn how to recognize stains and know what you can get off and what you can't.

If anyone has any other tips or tricks on cleaning Pyrex please do share in the comments and I'll add them to this post! Hope this was helpful! As always, click over to the Pyrex Love website for lots of Pyrex information! Next week's post will be about general care!

Display of my favorite Pyrex ware

Monday, September 24, 2012

More thrifting this wednesday

Today is only Monday, but I am counting down the days until Wednesday.
 I might be going with 2 friends of mine. In upstate NY. I wonder what I will find this time?

Happy Monday!

Isn't this cute??

Sunday, September 23, 2012

At the last moment, more new thrift treasures from today!

Boy oh Boy, does CT have a lot of Pyrex in their thrift stores! I was on my way with my mom to this antique center in CT. She has never been and I have gone there 100's of times. It is such a beautiful day here in NY today, fall is defiantly in the air! Love it!
Anyway, we went to the antique center.
I bought 1 think of Pyrex for $10. The cheapest one in the store!
It is a casserole dish by Pyrex, the pattern is called "Snowflake".
I saw TONS of Pyrex there, but were too overpriced. I have not been thrifiting for 2 days
and will never buy another piece of Pyrex in an antique store unless it is a good price or extremely rare.
I knew that there was a Savers thrift near by and as I was going to Savers there was
another thrift store before it, I stopped in and got 3 things of Pyrex!
Then I finally went to Savers and although I did not get Pyrex I got a REALLY good
deal on Homer Laughlin dinner plates and soup plates! No Pyrex to be found!
I was going back to NY to go home and down the road from Savers was a Goodwill.
I quickly stopped in, and to be hold I found tons of Pyrex! I scored there big time!
So after I get all of my Pyrex cleaned I will take pictures and show them to you!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Finally my thrift shop treasures!

It took me all day to clean everything from my finds from yesterday.
I finally put everything away and uploaded the pictures and now here they are!...

I got the Butterfly gold mixing bowl by Pyrex at RWB for $4.95, Underneath it is a pattern called Candleglow by Anchor Hocking Fire king. It is a baking dish I got that at GW for $8.00. 
And the cute little mixing bowl I bought at GW for $2.00 it is also by Anchor hocking fire king Springtime Pattern.

I got this for a steal! It was hiding in the back of the rack with all of the other glassware items at the RWB store. This is a 4qt mixing bowl by Pyrex. I got this for $1.95! Only because it had metal marks on it and I scrubbed it with dawn dish soap and a sponge and most of it came out.
 A little elbow grease came a long way! 

The top is a casserole bowl by Pyrex. A pattern called Crazy Daisy.
It is 1 1/2 qt. I got this lovely little piece for $2.95!Although it came with no lid, hopefully I can find a lid soon to go with it!
The other is also by Pyrex and came with the lid! No chips or cracks in great condition! I got this at Savers.
I got this for $3.95!
This pattern is called Gold Acorn. It is called a Oblong Space saver casserole.

The blue refrigerator dish is a little washed out probably by someone putting this poor thing in the dishwasher! But I still saved it because it still can be used. (I used it tonight to store tonight's left overs!)

This is by Pyrex, Primary Colors Blue Oblong  refrigerator dish. It is 11/2 pint. I got it for $2.00!

The bottom one is by Pyrex and the pattern is called Early American. This is a 21/2 qt. With the lid!!! No chips or cracks. In great condition! I got this for a whopping $3.95! What a great deal right?!

I have also a Pyrex coffee carafe. I did not take pictures yet..I will post them tomorrow.

Friday, September 21, 2012

The treasures I found at the thrift shops today

I found alot of Pyrex at a thrift shop today, I was actually surprised on how much Pyrex ware they had and ALL vintage! I took it all! I learned shopping at thrift shops, you can't day dream you have to grab and put it in your carriage and shop FAST! Because there could be that one person that is collecting what you collect and its you against them! I am serious!
Well anyway, I am too exhausted to post or even clean the pyrex I bought, I will save that for tomorrow. As for me it is time for bed, I might even dream about pyrex that's how excited I am!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pyrex ads

I love the vintage Pyrex ads. I think they are so nice to look at, wouldn't it be nice to frame them and put them in the kitchen?! That's an idea I might have to do!