Friday, February 8, 2013

Some of my nice finds

Here are some of my finds within the last 2 weeks.

This is what my friend gave me from his storage. His mom's mid century magazine rack. Isn't it awesome?
(notice the vintage magazines in it)

This is also from him. His mom's sewing machine chair. I just love the style of it. Although the fabric is ripped, I will be re-upholstering it maybe red vinyl?

Storage under neath the seat.

This was also his moms. From the 40's. A Celluloid vanity mirror. I cleaned it up the best I could and it came out beautiful!

These two I believe where my friends fathers. Two cocktail shakers. The red one came with the spoon and the drainer.

I found this at a thrift shop last week! This is a Ice-o mat from the 50's. When I bought it, it was all scratched up but when I started to clean came off! I guess it was from storing! Lucky for me it looks brand new!
I got it for $4.95

Does anyone remember these?! I do! My grandmother has 2 of them and she ALWAYS used them! For some reason they are so durable. So I have been looking for these. Especially the yellow ones. 
I found this one at an antique store for $9! I love it, I just used it last night!
Now I am on the hunt for the large one.

This beautiful painting I found at  GW in CT. It is actually very unique because the "frame" of this painting is actually not a frame, they converted it into a frame from the bottom wood part of a lazy susan!!!
How unique!
And of course I love fruit and it is actually hand painted.

This is another item my friend gave me from his storage unit.
This is his moms possibly 1950's or 60's? iron! I needed one so badly to iron my vintage tablecloths etc.
What is better than a vintage one?! This one was NEVER used. The cords were still tied together from the factory and the label still on the iron. I used it on one of my vintage tablecloths and it is works wonders!

to be continued...


  1. Love the magazine rack! How nifty!

  2. So funny - I was at a friend's house Friday evening and she pulls out ... a yellow strainer, just like the one on your picture and talked about wanting to find the bigger size one (was it green or red - I can't remember).
    I too love that magazine rack - specially how the magazines lay flat. You really got other nice vintage things too!

    1. Yes! The bigger size also comes in Yellow! My grandmother has both =)
      They are AWESOME. And I refuse to use a new strainer, for some reason this one is fantastic!

      The magazine rack is my fav! Thank you, I really enjoy it all!

  3. What beautiful things you have! That magazine rack is gorgeous, and what is that on top? I love it! I don't think it is a chip and dip set, I've never seen a piece like that before.

    1. Thank you so much! Yes I ADORE the magazine rack, and I cleaned it up with some Pledge and it came out really nice. I was so thankful that my friend gave it to me!

      That is a chip and dip set that I found at Savers a few months ago! I love it, at first I was not sure what it was either but it is a chip and dip set, isn't it so unique!?


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