Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pyrex wonderland

Well I finally uploaded these pictures I took off of my cell phone. I went to a little town in CT about a month or so ago. The whole town is full of antique stores, some are too ritzy for me and others are country like antiques..there is one of my favorite stores that is funky and fun. Well I walked into this "general store" where they make food, cookies, pies etc. In this general store I almost fell over and fainted and for two reasons.

One is because they had Pyrex all over the place (and a ton of Jadite), beautifully displayed sitting on their shelves and they were for sale! Second is because when I ran over to the pieces and first looks at how great of a condition they were in then I snagged the price tag and was shocked again! $135 for Butterprint mixing bowl set of 4!!!!!!!!!!! Are they nuts? That is so over priced. They wanted $235 for the "blue mixing bowls" and the "pink mixing bowls" insane!
I came to terms with, they have them just for display...and not really for sale. Their prices were triple over the limit of what they really are worth. They will just sit on the shelves in their general store and collect dust and never get a home unless you want to blow $500 plus on 2 sets of mixing bowls! But I did take pictures because it was really really nice to look at and I could dream can't I?


  1. I guess that's one way they get to keep their nice decor items. Still fun to see and admire, I'm sure.


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