Saturday, February 9, 2013

More finds from January

I found this at a Savers last week. This is by Pyrex? Corning. Starburst carafe with lid.
I might be selling this but not sure yet.  

I found these books at the same Savers.
Someone must have collected these books...they are untouched though!
They were $1.99 each!

I have this book (below) for my husband but it is from 1957, I found this book at Savers and this is the first edition from 1951! Got this one for free at savers, buy 4 get 1 book free.

I found this 1970 edition of the Handyman's book at an antique store for $12!
I must note: I am a big better homes and gardens fan, if you can't tell =)

I found these vintage glasses at all different thrift stores. They were all 0.95 cents each.

I only found 1 of these. It is reversed color on each side of the glass. so cute.


  1. I very seldom find any glasses, lucky you!!

    1. I ALWAYS find some glasses! I love them, they are always so fun to use!

  2. Great finds! Besides pyrex, I also collect vintage cookbooks, and I pick up any gardening, decorating, or handyman books from times gone by. I have a very similar, if not same Corning Starbust coffee pot. Mine has the innards, and I want to try and make coffee in it, but I am afraid to use it on my electric stove. Do you know if these can be used on electric?

    So while I don't think it is the pyrex brand, it is made by Corning, the same company.

    1. I LOVE vintage cookbooks! sad news, the starburst coffee pot broke this afternoon =( Don't you hate it when that happens!!!

      Hmm....I am not sure if you can use that on the electric stove, I don't think so because back then they only had gas!

  3. Oh no! I do hate when that happens! I had a 2 qt pyrex carafe, the kind the the lemons and oranges on it? My fridge went wonky one night, and the water froze and busted the carafe. I'm still sad about that, and it happened months ago.


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