Thursday, February 14, 2013

New Item* Promotional "Salad Bowl"

Two days ago I received a package in the mail and yes it was something I bought from eBay.
I have been buying a few pieces of Pyrex that I can win at an auction at a decent price to get my "Pyrex Fix".  Some of you can feel my pain of not finding a whole lot in the thrift stores, hopefully this will all change tomorrow when I go on the hunt. Getting back to my purchase, I finally opened the package yesterday and it was in really really good shape. It is a 1960 Promotional Cinderella mixing bowl called "Salad Bowl". It came originally with clear tongs but of course those did not come with my purchase and have not seen them before with any "Salad Bowl" on the internet. I am wondering if the tongs were marked Pyrex? Or were they without a logo? Would love to find out!

It is a beautiful shade of teal, and is a standard 4 QT. I will be using this for salad! I LOVE it. I paid $29 with shipping, I didn't think it was that bad, and was the cheapest one on eBay. I won the auction because no one else was bidding on it...I wonder why? Do Pyrex collectors not like this pattern? My friend bought one for $10 in an antique store and was in MINT condition. At first I have to admit I was not loving it, it was OKAY but nothing great...then I came to think about it and looked at pictures of it on the internet and I grew fond of it and loved it and wanted it! So now I have the "Salad bowl" to add to my Pyrex collection, isn't she pretty?

Does anyone have this promotional bowl in their collection, and if so what do they serve in it?


  1. I don't have this bowl, but I think it is beautiful! Sometimes it surprises me the things that don't get bids on ebay. For example, I just won a bluebird casserole dish, with cover and the cradle-I was the only one bidding! Which of course is nice for us, right?

    I live in Alaska, and we are very short on thrifts here. The majority of my collection is from garage sales, and I do supplement with ebay. I'm really into the promotional patterns right now, for some reason.

    Bet those clear tongs do have pyrex stamped on them, they seemed to do a great job marking their products. I will keep my eyes open if I ever see salad tongs anywhere!

    1. It is beautiful right? I guess it probably isn't the "popular" pattern, most people like the pinks and blues which I do too but I love all other patterns too. Oh congrats! You must be excited!!! That is great with the cradle, lucky you!

      Oh wow, Lucky you that you live in Alaska. I heard it is BEAUTIFUL!

      I adore the promotional patterns, they are so great!
      I bet the tongs had Pyrex on them...I wonder why they are so hard to find? Maybe they broke easily! Well if you ever do find them let me know!!!

  2. I will let you know if I find the tongs, they are now on my search list! Alaska is very beautiful, winter is long with lots of snow, but we have the scenery to console us :)

    The promotional patterns just draw me in-I adore them. Oh, and by the way, today I got my ebay order of the pyrex collectible napkin holders-I didn't even know about them till I saw them on your blog. I got the snowflake pattern, gorgeous!

    1. Maureen thank you!=)

      My husband and I would like to take a trip to Alaska sometime in our lifetime! Lucky you =)

      Oh GREAT! I love the napkin holders! They are so pretty.

      Seems like you have been scoring on eBay! =)

  3. Nice buy for you. Since I read about it somewhere, every time I see a picture of it, I can't help to see the "baby" in the pattern. Would love to see it "live" to assess it's true colour.

    1. Thank you! The color is great! Really is a beautiful bowl.


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