Saturday, October 20, 2012

Just finished watching Mad Men season 5!

I have been waiting to watch it for so long! I finally got finished in 1 day with season 5 of Mad Men. First, I am so glad Joanie left her horrible husband..He was so selfish!
Second, I feel so much better that Betty Draper is feeling horrible lately. I believe it was not Don that she was unhappy with but with herself, because now she seems to be unhappy with her now husband Henry.
Third, I am getting sick of Megan Draper it only me?? She seems like another Betty, Although Megan is more genuine and is a nice person..I feel like she isn't good for Don because she wants acting and this and that and it seems like Betty all over again!

I really wish and dream that Don and Joan Holloway would get together! I feel like they have chemistry together, they seem really good for one another.

What did you think about season 5? I thought it was GREAT, like all the rest! I am ready for season 6! Bring it on!

Who is your all time favorite person on Mad Men? Betty? Joan? Don? Megan? Trudy?

I love Joan and Trudy Campbell...both are awesome in my book!


  1. I think it is a tie between Joan and Peggy. I really love them both, and I love the journey of Peggy's since the first episode of season 1!

  2. Yes, Peggy's journey was interesting. I love this show!


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