Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Promotional Casserole "Golden Tulip"

I found this at RWB this past weekend. I liked the pattern but it was badly scratched. I bought it anyway because I would be able to take these out with The Magic Eraser & a little bit of Bar Keepers Friend.
I brought it home and did just that and it came out beautiful! Like brand new.
This came without the lid or cradle which it is suppose to have with it.
After I cleaned it, I looked on Pyrex Love and found out that it is a promotional piece.
 It came out in 1959 for only that year. Not a lot of info on it.

Now I need to get the lid to it.


  1. I found this piece too! Luckily I did get the lid with it, that same day I found the blue wheat promo with lid. I felt lucky. :)

    1. Oh very lucky! It is an awesome piece, it must be even nicer with the lid =)


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