Sunday, October 14, 2012

My thrift shop finds

I bought this whole set of Spring Blossom Pyrex mixing bowls at Savers this past weekend.
#401 1.5 Pt for 0.99 cents
#402 1.5 Qt for $1.99
#403 2.5 Qt for $2.99
#404 4 Qt for $4.99!

All in excellent condition and the whole set was only $10.96!!!! I love that feeling of success!

This pattern is "Blue Heaven". I have the matching dinnerware set by Royal china made in the 1950's.
I did some research on this set because it is not marked on the bottom. I was confused and wanted to know who made this. Was it Royal China just not marked? Or Pyrex? Or even Anchor Hocking?

I found the following information on Pyrex

The Fire King ovenware IS listed in the Florence's book. "Blue Heaven" dates from the 1970's and was produced on items like casseroles, loaf pans, bowls and mugs.

The pattern is not marked on the bottom which leads many people to guess that Blue Heaven was made by Pyrex.
The pattern consists of retro abstract geometric shapes in the brown and blue.
The best way to tell this is Fire King is the tab handles and just knowing the pattern.

So I believe that this is by Fire King just not marked. I bought the Pie Plate at RWB for only $2.95!
And luckily the custard cups I bought at another store! I bought 6 custard cups at GW for $2.00 each!
All in excellent condition and I can't wait to use them.

I spotted this Pie plate made by Anchor Hocking Fire King with it's original label in MINT condition!
I bought it at GW for only $3.00. I love how the label is still intact!

It is stamped on the back "460 T.M. REG FIRE-KING Made in the u.s.a. 9in"
I believe this is from the period 1942-1945 
by the block lettering FIRE-KING

Any body know any info ??

I found these at RWB for $3.95 each.
I have never seen these before. The pattern is called "Colonial Mist" clear mixing bowls.

I found some info as always on about these bowls.

The following info is by Pyrex Love:

This is an interesting set of newer bowls featuring the Colonial Mist pattern which is also sometimes called "French Daisy" or "Floral Daisy". These are newer bowls that are different in shape than the standard 400 series bowls.
They have a definite "lip" around the rim that characterizes new bowls and they have a "bullseye" set of concentric circles on the bottom. The sizes are  1L, 1.5 L, 2.5 L, and 4 L.

I also found some other information on another site called

During mid 1988, the design returned with clear Pyrex rimmed nesting bowls and a new name.
Although it is identical to Colonial Mist, it is officially named "White Lace" when it appears on the clear glass.

So I will go by the name "White Lace" and it is from the 1980's.

I have been looking all over for "chili bowls" or "French Onion soup bowls" for some time now!
Ever since I went to this antique center in CT where they had an awesome restaurant in the antique place! I ordered Butternut squash soup and they served it in these awesome Soup bowls with a handle and lid.
I thought they were so cute that I have been looking for them ever since.

I only found 1 sadly at GW for $2.00. There is no markings on the bottom and was wondering if anyone knows who made these so I can look for some on ebay?

I usually do not like what I call "70's brown" but it caught my eye. I knew it was by Hull Pottery by the knob on the top and soon to be hold I checked the bottom and it says HP CO. Oven Proof USA.
It is in MINT condition. It is called a "Drip casserole dish". I love it and I snatched it up for $5.95 which is a great price for Hull Pottery!
The Brown Drip Hull Pottery was produced from the 1960's-1980's.

Does anyone know what exact year this is from?

This pattern is called "Old Orchard" made by Pyrex.
This is the 4 Qt cinderella mixing bowl. I picked this up at RWB for $3.95!
No scratches or chips or metal marks in excellent condition.
I thought the browns are good for thanksgiving so i grabbed it.

From 1974

I bought this whole set at an antique store! BUT it was for a good price! I have been wanting Lustre ware by Fire king for awhile and saw it at an antique store in CT.
I got the Pie plate by fire king for $5.00
and the 4 custard cups @ $2.00 each! 

I thought that was a very good price especially for an antique center.

I got these two "Jadite" mugs at GW for $1.00 each! There is no stamping on the bottom so I am not sure if they are made by Fire King? 

I need some info on these!

More to come..

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