Sunday, October 28, 2012

My friday Haul

Well after a hectic weekend, I finally got a chance to take some pictures of my "haul" of Pyrex and other vintage items!

It was a good day Friday, I got my usual haul of vintage stuff.

This is my first "Snowflake Blue" bowls! I can't wait to use them around the holidays...

Turquoise heaven!!  Aren't they pretty?!

Butterprint 1 1/2 Qt. $3.95
Snowflake Blue- Blue on white 1 1/2 Qt. $2.95
Snowflake Blue- white on blue 1 1/2 Pt. $2.95 

Early American 1 Pt. $2.95
Early American 1 Qt. $2.95
Early American 1 1/2 Pt. $2.95

Fire King "Peach Lustre" Pie plate $3.00

Fire King "Tulip" Mixing bowl $2.99!!!
What a STEAL! I could not believe my eyes when I saw this at Savers! I thought I was on cloud 9!!
I LOVE this pattern from Fire king...hopefully I can luck out again and find more.

Pyrex Hamilton Beach white mixing bowl for the Hamilton beach mixer (which I have)

I bought this awesome fall apron at Savers, it is in MINT condition! I love it, seems like it is from the 1960's? It was only $2.99

I bought these 2 awesome flower power pillow cases for 0.99 cents! 

I have been looking for fall vintage tablecloth for awhile and stumbled upon this beautiful tablecloth at Savers! It is in excellent condition, I still have to clean the tablecloth but when it is clean and ironed I will show you the whole thing!

I bought this for $2.99! What a great buy!

I bought this huge juicer for $2.95!  No markings but it is really nice! I have been wanting one since I broke mine almost a year ago. 

Pyrex "Butterfly Gold 2" 2.5 Qt.
$3.99 Savers Without lid.

1975 "Country Festival" Perculator by Corning
$2.99! Everything came with it what a great buy, but I think I am going to sell it.

I found this amazing piece at RWB, This was the first Pyrex I spotted and grabbed it right away, I was so surprised it was still there! This is the "Pink Daisy" Pyrex 2  1/2 Qt. Casserole dish with lid no chips, no scratches in excellent condition!! It was only $9.95! I gladly took it home with me =)
This is the 2nd piece that I have from the "Pink Daisy" pattern. Isn't it so pretty??

I found this at Savers on my way home, this is the Lime green 2 Qt. casserole dish with lid!!!
Not sure if this is the original lid to this? But it does fit perfectly!

What year is this from?

And finally I found this Norman Rockwell figurine of Santa, My husband loves Norman Rockwell, his grandmother who passed away in 2007 collected Norman's figurines and he has 2 of her figurines and I thought why not add to the collection! It was $2.99 at savers.


  1. Woohoo - nice haul ! And very colourful too.
    Per, the lime green casserole would be mid-50s ('52-'57), but I couldn't see if the lid is the right one or not. I just bought a dark yellow 024 Saturday, but it had a 684 lid (flat, without knob). I think your lid looks more original. I hope someone answers who knows for sure.
    I really like the tablecloth too - cute graphics.
    Great finds - and you seem to be getting them for good prices too - way to go !
    Have a great week.

    1. Thanks for the info!!
      A dark yellow one? Wow, I have never seen that before! Good going!

      I love the tablecloth, will post pictures this coming week after I wash it and iron it. Really good deal for it too!

    2. It's not bright or pastel yellow, but more of a gold or mustard - I don't know the true name for that colour - do you ? Does anyone else ? It's in very good shape, and with a "flat" lid for $2 at a rummage sale, I just couldn't leave it behind.

    3. That is interesting.....I just searched on ebay and possibly have found it.

      I will post the info on my blog, and let me know if thats what it looks like and I might have some info on it.

  2. Ok, will do. Thanks for checking !


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