Thursday, October 4, 2012

Three new items to add to my Butterfly Gold Collection

I rarely see the pattern 'Butterfly Gold' pattern by Pyrex or Corelle in the thrift stores. I usually only see the mixing bowls and not a lot of them at that!
I have an antique store on the corner of my block! I usually go in from time to time to see if she has anything new. Although I do not buy a lot because she is Pricey especially on her Pyrex items!
But this time I did budge and spent $25 bucks on 2 items of the Butterfly Gold.

I bought a Pyrex Butterfly Gold butter dish. It was $15. I have not seen any in thrift shops so far, and on eBay they are about the same price with shipping if not more so I splurged!
Then I bought by Corelle the Butterfly Gold Salt & Pepper shakers. They are really cute, those were $10! I thought it was too much but I got it anyway! I treated myself!!

The last two pictures I found at a Goodwill by my mothers house. It is by Corelle seems to be a creamer.  The sticker on it said $14.99, I said that can't be! So I asked the cashier and she said there is a whole set! About a 26 piece set, I did not notice this so they checked and someone must of bought it a few days earlier!! And they left this creamer so I grabbed it for 0.99 cents!

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