Monday, June 10, 2013

Havent posted in awhile..

Have been really busy this spring/summer! Thrifting here and there, antique shopping & antique fairs, also daily life!

But I did go to Clinton CT yesterday with a friend of mine and found some very interesting vintage finds! I also did go thrift shopping on Saturday found a few things not many but some nice things to bring home with me!

I will snap some pictures and will update sometime this afternoon...

Has anyone found anything interesting lately?


  1. Glad to see you posted! Sometimes I feel like a stalker, I check frequently to see if you have written.

    I found a Pyrex town and country decorator casserole on Saturday. I stopped at a yard sale, they were already picked over, but it had a vintage pickup truck I wanted to see! I didn't even see the Pyrex at first, we were talking about a woman's rolling pin collection, and I mention I collected the vintage pyrex. She said "oh, I think I have one over there!". In mint condition, she said she got it for as a wedding present 50 yrs ago, and never used it! First pyrex I have seen all season.

    I also picked up a Holiday Thermos,that is really pretty, and a rotary phone. I couldn't resist, I love that sound of dialing, it takes me right back to my childhood :) Lots of yard sales, but very little pyrex. Still, I was happy with what I was able to find!

    1. Haha no please check my blog as many times as you want! I have been so side tracked but trying to get back to blogging. That is really awesome that you found those things, although I have not been finding a lot of pyrex myself I have found other nice vintage treasures to make up for it!

      I love the rotary phone, does it work? I want one!


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