Monday, June 17, 2013

My weekend vintage finds!

I had a lovely day this past Saturday. My mom and I went to the famous Stormville flea market, but it was a yard sale and this was my first time going to the "yard sale" one for Stormville, I usually go to the normal flea market. This was a nice huge yard sale, over 300 people!

I found some interesting things at the yard sale.

My love for vintage cook books! I found 2 awesome cookbooks and 1 pamphlet for a GE Refrigerator
 and at the end of the pamphlet it has recipes! SCORE!
Everything from this one person was for $1!!! These are the only cookbooks that looked interesting...thankfully I found these because there was a women looking for cookbooks about 5 minutes after I started to look, so lucky me =)
Don't you hate when there is competition?! I feel like I have to hurry and find everything that I want because at times I was a minute too late and someone else had it in their hands.

Never have seen this cook book before, Chiquita banana cookbook?! Love the colors and graphics, although I am not a huge fan of bananas my husband loves them so I will try these recipes for him!

Banana Gelatin's? Might have to try this!!

Family Circle cake & cooky cookbook. Funny how they spelled "Cooky" instead of "Cookie"!
from 1953 I believe.

A guide what type of cake you make will make and if you make a boo boo it will turn out like this! Cool!!

1950's GE Electric refrigerator! Probably the new thing of having the big freezer in the refrigerator and not having a huge freezer in the garage! 

How to use Redi-cube ice trays!
I grew up on these!!! My grandmother still has them, a few actually and I love them!
I did buy some on ebay but mine never come out like that because on the bottom of the aluminium they are dented, will have to find some more that aren't and try this out!

Another passion of mine, vintage tablecloth's!! I found this one at another person's stains, rips, perfect condition! It was only $6! I couldn't argue with that.

This is a 1960's purse made by Meyers.
I spotted it at this womens table, she is an antique dealer and had a lot of vintage jewelry which I bought from her.
She also had vintage purse's and I spotted this right before me. It is so unique looking and so pretty!
It was only $5! 
I love it, it is a great summer bag. In mint condition!
I found this same bag on ebay for $65!

I also like I said above, bought some nice pieces of Jewelry from her.  Yet another passion of mine is vintage jewelry...And all of her vintage pieces were $2 each! Can't beat that!

This is a beautiful mustard yellow 1950's three strand lucite necklace. It has specks of glitter in the beads and is so beautiful! No name. Maybe W. Germany?

This is a 1950's faux pearl bracelet with aurora borealis beads...this bracelet is made very well. Love it!
No name on it.

This is an awesome 1960's piece. Amber with amber aurora borealis beads. Beautifully made, also no name.

And that was all that I found at the yard sale, not a whole lot but a nice bunch of stuff to bring home!


  1. I could have used that cake bookmthe other day when my rhubarb coffee cake didn't turn out!

    1. Oh really?!? I never tried making coffee cake but I'd like too.

  2. Great finds!! I have one of those old ice cube trays-they are great because the ice cubes are so dense, they last forever in a drink. Only problem, it is hit and miss whether they come out, I think mine is kind of bent too.

    I love vintage cookbooks, but I am running into a problem-where to put my collection? What do you do with your cookbooks?

    1. Thank you!! Yes, the ice cube trays are a hit or miss but love them..that's all I grew up with!

      Haha, I ran out of space as soon as I took my Baker's rack out of the kitchen and replaced it with the mid century hutch! So I can't really display them like I used to, I keep some in the bookcase in my living room but a lot of them don't fit! So I usually keep them in my attic and when I need to read them I go grab them, kind of annoying but I am thinking of getting a fun retro cabinet and put all cookbooks in it, but the thing is where do I put it in my kitchen I have no room!!!

  3. I forgot to mention, I LOVE the look of your blog-is it called the background? Not sure, but love the pictures on top, and all the illustrations of the BBQ-perfect for the season!!

    1. Thanks =) Yes it is the background. I figured the blog needed a little update to the season!

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you =) vintage tablecloths are my weakness

    2. Thank you =) vintage tablecloths are my weakness

    3. Thank you =) vintage tablecloths are my weakness

    4. Thank you =) vintage tablecloths are my weakness


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