Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Vintage ad's finally framed!

It has been months and months that I have vintage ad's building up, I have gone through some LIFE magazines and took the ads out that I really thought that was interesting, I have so many probably 30 plus!

I took a few that I really liked and went to A.C.Moore and got some frames, and guess what the frames I bought were MADE IN THE USA! woo hoo! I purposely bought them for that reason.

Here they are framed and looking beautiful in my kitchen....

The one to the left is Delmonte ad, the middle is an awesome frut lifesaver's ad, and the one to the right is another delmonte ad. I will be adding Pyrex this weekend to my kitchen!

Then I have two awesome Budweiser ads that I wanted to frame and put next to my bar in the living room, and I must say they look great!

Well what do ya think????

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