Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Last weekend thrift finds

I found a lot at the not a whole lot of Pyrex at all!  but it's okay I have most of the Pyrex that I want for now..

I found this awesome 1950's Pink Lingerie chest..I never heard or seen once before. I found it in this secret warehouse I go to, to get antiques and found this lovely needed some TLC and it got it and now its perfect! No manufactures name on it but it sure is unique!

Got it for $24 it was originally $49.

Like I said some TLC was needed, someone had lined it with 80's liner and my husband had some Black velvet liner that we had leftover so he lined every drawer except the top piece black velvet really looks nice!

TA DA! It was originally lined with this satin pink liner on top, which I kept and the black velvet makes it pop more! Thank you hubby =)
I love love love this piece! Has anyone seen one like this and not wood?

I found in another thrift store these Mallo-ware yellow coffee cups! Set of 8 for a dollar a piece! Couldn't pass these up!

I found these a few weeks ago at a goodwill by my moms house. These are the Pink Pyrex cereal/soup bowls set of 4...0.49 cents a piece!

Found these groovy yellow sunflower sour cream glasses, now this makes a set of 3 in this pattern for me!
$1 each

I was so excited to find these, Raffiaware. I have a few at home which I found at a thrift a few months ago..I am on the hunt for these for the summertime, perfect for a BBQ.
These were $1 each.

I found these really cute etched green depression glass ice cream or dessert cups? in the goodwill. Only 3 but they were too pretty to pass up! 
$1 each.

This I found in another thrift, happy to find another melmac type of dishware.
This is Holiday by Kenro . Nice turquoise color, got it for $2.49

Sorry for the blurry picture, these are possibly Hazel Atlas? no markings but really cute. 3 cereal/soup bowls in emerald green glass. $1 each!

That's it ! A pretty nice haul for not going for a few weeks! I will be going back out on the hunt this friday so let's see what I will find!


  1. Cool finds! I've never seen a lingerie chest before!!

    1. Thank you! Me either...wondering if they are rare or what!

  2. Love the lingerie chest! I want one!

    1. I love it too! I have searched and searched for this type of one with vinyl and all I come up with is wood..

  3. Oh something tells me you have a treasure in that lingerie chest! Looks straight out of an old Hollywood movie! Have fun!

    (reasonably priced) yellow melamine and Raffia ware are on my wish list. You've given me hope! ;)

    1. Yes, I haven't seen one like this ever! I love the color and it stores a lot!
      I find melamine all the time at a certain thrift store! Hope you find some...and I am building on my raffiaware, love it for the summertime!


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