Friday, June 14, 2013

Stressful day but there is always tomorrow

Today I was stressed and was being very emotional. Thankfully I had my husband to talk to and vent out too and he is always there for me, I am a very lucky girl! I was contemplating on going out tomorrow, money is a little tight this week but sometimes you don't have to spend a lot to make yourself feel good, just being out in the fresh air makes it all better. Tomorrow (saturday) is the Stormville yard sale in upstate NY. I have never been to their yard sale before but have been to their flea market once.
Tomorrow is suppose to be a beautiful sunny day in NY and figured a little fresh air will brighten my day. So I believe I will be going out for the day and enjoying life and enjoying what little vintage treasures I can bring home with me....this yard sale is suppose to be BIG they said 400 people selling their things!

Wish me luck, I will keep you all posted!


  1. Sorry you had a bad day, I hope you have fun in the sunshine today, and plenty of vintage findings to lift your spirits!

    1. Thanks just came back from a beautiful day. My spirits are defiantly lifted! I did get a few nice vintage finds at this huge yard sale great prices too but no Pyrex boo hoo!


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