Sunday, June 23, 2013

Thrift Haul

Yesterday I took the day by myself and drove to CT to go to all of my favorite thrift shops..Haven't been thrift shopping in a few weeks. I got a nice haul to bring back home with me! Although no Pyerx from yesterday, I did however a few weeks ago find nice Pyrex cereal bowls. Will be posted with the rest of the finds.
I did see a lot of Butterfly Gold but I did not buy any because I have it all and I have a few to sell, and that pattern doesn't sell well for some reason.

I will post my findings sometime today, I have so much moving of Pyrex! The Pyrex I am selling anyways, I am boxing them up and selling them on ebay and a tag sale I will be doing at my house.

So here goes the packing! be continued.

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