Thursday, June 13, 2013

Vintage recipes to try out

Well, I have a good idea, I have such a nice collection of vintage cookbooks, and although I have tried out a few recipes from them I have not tried out many....and I would like to start too.
I am adding a new feature to my site, besides telling you guys about my vintage finds, I would also like to share with you some vintage recipes that I will try out, some that may be crazy, some that may be delicious! I would also like for you to participate and share your recipe's with me, if you find them in a vintage magazine take a picture of the recipe/picture and email it to me! I will try it out for you and post the detailed images and the verdict at the end.
You can email your recipes to me at

I think it is a fun idea...I will be making some Jello molds over the weekend, I just got a vintage jello book that I will share with you today...some seem nice and some seem weird! But you won't know till you try!

Has anyone every tried a vintage Jello recipe? If so what? and was it good or just really weird?


  1. I have tons of vintage cookbooks-I will look through them for a good recipe to send you. I promise it won't be too weird.

    I love Jello, but I can't get behind these savory ones. I used to love the one my grandmother made in a mold, it had cherries and walnuts in it, so delicious.

    1. Oh great!!! Yes, send them away I am ready to start baking!!
      I also LOVE Jello, but some are so weird, like shrimp with jello? YUK!
      Your grandmothers sound delicious!!

      I am looking forward to what you find =)


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