Monday, December 10, 2012

Our home for the holidays...

My vintage merry Christmas decoration hanging in my kitchen!
Found this at a GW for $2!

My Pyrex cabinet! Added the green casserole, found it in my cupboard! Had no idea I even had it!
Love my cabinet =)

My blue decor on my red microwave =) Love adding the blue to the Christmas decoration!

Added this cute little snowman in my kitchen decor.

This is in my living room on my vintage bookcase.
My bestie snowman, these two cute little statues I found at rite aid, (not vintage) but are really cute!
and my advent calender stocking handing in my living room.

These are in my wall unit, to make it more festive!

My Christmas tree! (It is real). It is so beautiful, nice and full!
Filled with vintage decorations!

My angel =)

Here are some of my ornaments that I love!

My elf collection! Sitting on my end table. In this cute little basket I found at The Christmas Tree Shop!

Found these cute little guys for $0.49 cents each at GW.


  1. Cute! Your tree looks great – I am partial to the little angel ornament. I too put little decorations here and there in the house too and many of them are angels I've collected through the years. And those elves are darling!

    1. Thank you! I love looking at my tree in the evening, so pretty!
      I love angels! They are so pretty!

      The elves are my fav! And for a great price too =)


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