Thursday, December 27, 2012

My Merry Pyrex Christmas!-UPDATE

UPDATE- I forgot to add that I found this beautiful "Daisy" 4 Qt mixing bowl in an antique store for $16 bucks...even though it was a little pricey, I had to get it and before I knew it I have TWO "Daisy" patterns now! The one below----that my husband bought me for Christmas and I bought this beautiful bowl long before he even showed me what he bought! Score for me!

My Sweet husband knew exactly what I wanted...Pyrex, what else?!
He did a good job!

My mouth dropped when I opened up this one; It is the "Americana" Blue/Turquoise 1 1/2 Pt. Mixing bowl! It is soo beautiful, I love it! I read somewhere that the blue "Americana" is hard to find.

I also got the "Designs" or "Art Deco" 2 1/2 Qt bowl. Love it so much! 

My husband knew I wanted the "Daisy" so badly! This is my first piece of the yellow Daisy!

He also snatched up the "Sandlewood" mixing bowls, one is 4 Qt and the other is 1 1/2 PT.
Love them both, are great for the fall!

I do not have a lot in this pattern and it is actually really nice, the "Square flowers".
This is the 4 Qt mixing bowl.

He also picked up this 2 1/2 Qt mixing bowl I believe it is the Primary colors, green bowl.
I have a similar one but this one is more rounded on the bottom.

And he also got me the FULL season of Mad Men! Woo hoo! 

Before Christmas I was able to score these two three finds at a thrift shop.

I got the Vinegar "Butterfly Gold" pattern for $1.95 and the Oil "Butterfly Gold" also for $1.95,
then I grabbed this "Butterfly gold" Pyrex casserole dish without lid, for $3.95!
More to add to my Butterfly Gold collection!!!

I also found this awesome Strawberry needlepoint, very vintage in an antique store I stopped at before Christmas.
Isn't it awesome? I loveee fruit!
and it is hanging in my living room alongside my other vintage needlepoint that I picked up at a thrift for $4!

I also found these awesome vintage needlepoints in another antique center I stopped at, of course they are of fruit! They are hanging in my kitchen, they look so great!


  1. You seemed to do well for Christmas! I also appreciate the Mad Men, I picked myself up a few seasons for a "self gift" hehe

    1. Yes, I did great =) hope you did too!
      I love that show and was so happy to see that my husband got it for me, all 5 seasons! He loves the show too, lol.

      Enjoy the seasons, they are so great...can't wait for season 6!


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