Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Update- All done with display! Need your opinion.

Well, that was not that bad....kinda quick.

I am going to play with it more within a few days, because if I come home with more Pyrex on Friday it might have to be displayed on my kitchen cabinets.

I must does look good and give a huge POP to my kitchen. I love my kitchen besides the fact, because the cabinets are from the 1950's. I just added the vintage style red ruby knobs which makes it look so awesome!
I love EVERYTHING about my kitchen, it is really a nice my hubby is going to add black and white checkered floors to give it even more a 50's look.

sooo...what do you think? or should I take out the pitchers?
I really want your opinion....
I did it color coordinated thats why I kept some of the pitchers there OR should I just do all Pyrex and display some Pyrex ads up there?

I am still playing with it, sooo let me know, your opinion matters to me! =)


  1. So funny - we really have similar tastes - I too love pitchers, I have a few that I use, but I restrain myself from getting more for lack of space.
    I like how you did the color coordinating of the pitchers and the Pyrex. The pitchers you have up there are really nice.
    Pyrex invasion is a good thing!

    1. Great minds think alike =) I ADORE pitchers! I actually had to take down about 4. Not sure where I am going to put them now =/ My husband gave me the idea of mixing the pitchers to the color of the Pyrex. It does look nice....yes the Pyrex invasion is deff a good thing! I can't get enough of it!

  2. I was like you when I first started collecting Pyrex - that was two years ago - couldn't get enough. I still love it and look for it but I don't buy every piece I see, I know I was like that at the first...

    Your display looks nice - old jugs are great for displays and look great mixed in.... Good luck!!

    1. When I started to thrift I bought EVERY piece of Pyrex in sight.
      Now I don't...I am a little picky and want what I want.

      Thank you! I am sure it will change from day to day lol.
      I will post photo's if I do change it!

  3. It takes me forever to get displays the way I want them but I say- do it the way YOU like it! Everybody has different tastes so I always end up taking some things away from my displays.


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