Sunday, December 9, 2012

Have you noticed....

Have you noticed at your local thrifts or even the ones you might travel to have a lot of re sellers and dealers there?

Does this seem to annoy anyone because it really does annoy me. Now, I know people are making a living out of it, but really to be waiting at the front door of the thrift store I go to and then when the doors open they run to get a cart and run to get everything off the aisles before anyone else is obscured. All I hear the dealers say is "Oh I can resell this for big bucks". or overhearing the employee talking to a dealer stating that a few weeks ago a women bought a painting for $5.00 and sold it on eBay for $500! and the dealer said "and this is why I come in here daily!".

Now, I sell on eBay, but not much and whatever I do, it is because I do not love it anymore and want someone else to appreciate it or I have multiple Pyrex that I do not need.
I appreciate all antiques whether it is Pyrex or vintage dresses or kitchenware stuff...I love it all.
And for me to hear these "dealers" just care about a buck and not the item at all is really offensive.

I love antiques so much that this bothers me! I know there is nothing I can do about it but have some passion for it and not what your going to get for it!

Have you noticed that at your thrift stores you shop at that these dealers sworm the carts when they come from the back of the warehouse and grab it all from you! I hate that.

I actually appreciate all of these things and I use them and treasure them unlike them.
Maybe this is why I have not found any Pyrex lately? I know that I met a women at one of the thrifts and she is a nice lady but she buys and sells Pyrex, Fire King etc.
I asked her do you even keep any of them? She said no, I have no use for them I have wonderful expensive new stuff I just resell them. I'm thinking to myself OKAY, but your reselling them on eBay and for double the amount.
Sometimes people are so greedy. It is a shame.

The antique business has boosted up and that's wonderful! Either in thrift stores or antique centers, I am happy people are taking an interest in vintage things, but for me it's great when you see a dealer actually have a passion for this stuff and love it so much!

This has been bothering me for sometime now and wanted to ask does anyone have issues at their thrift stores they go to? Or am I just a crazy person who just is so passionate about antiques?


  1. You are not alone! This drives me bonkers! It isn't so much at the thrift stores, since I swear you don't ever see any thrift end up on the shelves. Either someone is grabbing them in the back room or they just aren't coming in. More when I go to a garage or the rare estate sale. I know the ladies, because there are only two "antique" places in town. When I see them, I just kind of shudder, because I know the things I wanted have probably already been carted out to their cars!

    1. Thank god I am not alone! I have not seen this yet at the estate sales that I have gone too, but I am sure it is a pain!
      I hate when you know you have competition and they aren't even keeping them. Like I said in the post there is this one "regular" women who is really nice do not get me wrong but she grabs the Pyrex and it's like I have to look super fast otherwise she's got it and then I know shes going to sell it. But she said she went back to work since she hurt her leg and now I believe she goes only on the weekends and I go on Fridays (Thank God)

      I wish I could go with my friend but she works during the week, but when she comes with me on Saturdays I have extra eyes to look out for me!


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