Sunday, December 30, 2012

Addicted to Pyrex is soo addicting!

I must say, being "addicted" to Pyrex is beyond what I can say. I am full blown ADDICTED!
The Pyrex bug didn't bite me until about September of this year! I have been collecting antiques for about almost 3 years now and have never gotten into it until now.
I have seen tons and tons of Pyrex when I went antique shopping, I use to stop, admire it, even went up to it and thought about starting but would put it down and say nahh!
I thought they were awesome looking it just didn't bite me yet.
My first Pyrex ever was from my husband's grandmother, she gave me two pieces of Pyrex.
This was about 3 or 4 years ago when my husband and I were engaged at this point and were moving into our first apartment. (I live in the apartment of my grandmother's house that she has lived in since she was a 18 year old bride), so she gave us some things because I had nothing at this point and she said they are very old..she gave me the Homestead 2 1/2 Qt mixing bowl and the Green Primary 2 1/2 Qt mixing bowl. I thought it was so nice of her, but yet the Pyrex bug did not bite me yet.
Then, my friend got into Pyrex and she started to collect Butterprint. I loved it, but didn't know if I really wanted to start collecting Pyrex because where would I store it?
and it still wasn't an interest to me.
Then when I went over to her home, I saw her collection that she had made with the Butterprint and it looked so nicely together. It started to bite, a little bite here and there...starting to feel the love for Pyrex. I then struck up the nerve to buy a full 4 piece mixing bowl set of the Butterprint on eBay and won! and loved them and still do. Then I got more into collecting the Butterprint because when you put all the pieces together, it is really nice to look at and admire. and of course use!
After I bought the regular mixing bowls (set of 4) and the Cinderella mixing bowls (also set of 4) of the butterprint, I added to the collection the fridge dishes (full set), the butter dish and then I stopped. I stopped looking because I got into other things, like vintage jewelry....never was into vintage jewelry and then went antique shopping and got addicted to vintage jewelry overnight!

It is funny how things work and how new collecting happens...Then my husband and I went to Adamstown PA (antiques capital of PA) and I must recommend you going! It is a MUST!
and my husband picked up these dinner plates, it was the "Butterfly gold" pattern made by Corelle. He said his other grandma had these exact plates and he had so many nice memories with this pattern. I decided that the pattern is really nice, the plates are very durable and the more I looked at them the more I liked them and we got a lot of pieces of that pattern in the dinnerware set.
He then told me his grandmother had this pattern in Pyrex, mixing bowls, casserole dishes, mugs etc and I said well I love the pattern I will now collect it.
and so I did! I ended up collecting the Butterfly gold pattern I have 3 regular mixing bowls (still need the 4 Qt), full set of the Cinderella mixing bowls, butter dish, 1 1/2 casserole dish with lid being white with gold decal, 2 1/2 Qt round casserole, gravy boat, 2 mugs, 1 1/2 Qt round casserole etc etc etc....I have too much to even type!

Then I stopped collecting again....then this past August I was looking up Pyrex again, just out of the blue and came upon Pyrex Collective 3 blog site and saw all the awesome treasures that everyone found at thrift stores, I was FINALLY hooked! The pyrex bug bit me hard this time and for good!
After about 2 weeks looking at all the blogs about Pyrex and seeing all the wonderful things, I got the nerve to go out and find some thrift shops, not knowing what it would be like I went ahead and never looked back!
It took me awhile to get hooked on Pyrex full force and now I can't stop buying Pyrex, weather in a thrift store or antique center...I want more and more and more!

What is your Pyrex story? How did the Pyrex bug bite you?


  1. Sounds like you really do have the bug, and a great collection! My SIL gave me a few pieces for Christmas and the Pyrex book by Mauzy. Guess that got me started. Funny, I love vintage jewelry too, especially pins/brooches. :) Pam

    1. Thank you =) Love the book, I have it too!
      Yes I love brooches tooo and clip earrings, I have soo much vintage jewelry, in the spring/summer time I go to an outdoor flea market every Sunday morning and that's where I find my jewelry!
      I also love vintage cookbooks and vintage tablecloths...those are my fav's too.

  2. Sounds like you got nibbled and nibbled and now you've really gotten bitten by the Pyrex bug! I recently told my Pyrexia story on PC3 (Dec 1/12), so I know how it feels. It's so hard to resist when you find a great piece for a good price, even when space is an issue.

    1. Space is always an issue with me! My cupboard is full! My 2 kitchen cabinets are I need to get a display piece for the kitchen and living room and ill be good to go!

    2. P.S. and yes I deff got bitten hard!!!!


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