Sunday, December 2, 2012

My weekend finds

Okay here are my weekend finds...again not a lot of Pyerx =(
But I did however find some other neat things.

I found this beauty vanity dresser set at GW and fell in love with it.
It is so unique looking. It came with 2 trays and a covered dish.
No markings on the bottom but really does seem to be old.
I got the middle piece for $3.00
and the 2 trays for $2.00

I am loving this vintage seat!
First off, it is red and I LOVE red!
The vinyl on it is in perfect condition.
It sits beautifully in my living room.
It was $12 at the GW.

This is a Car Snac Sportsman set.
I believe it is from the mid to late 40's. Bought this for my husband at the estate sale down the street from me yesterday. Looks to be never used.
Very unique and very valuable.
I snatched the large Ice bucket and the carrying set for $20! 
I thought that was a steal!
My husband loves it =)

Found this little beauty at Savers and bought it for $1.99!
It is "Amberina" canister.

I also got this at Savers and it was $2.99
J& B Scotch whiskey...not sure how old this is.

This painting intrigued me. It seemed to be crochet or some sort of fabric that someone had done years ago.
The detailing on it is beautiful.
I got it for $3.95
Now I will have to find a nice place for it to hang!

Pyrex baking dish.
Not sure of the name of this or if it might be a promotional item.
Any ideas?

This is a cute canister! It is yellow daisy's!

It is made by corning. 

I really loved the shape of this item. It is by NASCO pottery.
Do not know much on this yet...

I love music and I had to have this little guy!
This is by Anchor Hocking. I got it for $1.00 at GW

This plate I bought because I love fruit! and it was at a good price of $1.99!

This plate is a fruit decor of figs. It is in very good condition. I have never heard of this company before but I am not 100% sure but I believe this is from the 30's or 40's.
if so SCORE!
I bought it for $2.99

Bought this lid without the bottom, nowhere to be found! =(
Did not know where this was a set from but got some info:

It is from the "golden classic" casserole.

Thanks Christina!

Got it for $1.99

Got this "Friendship" lid also without the bottom at GW for $2.99

Got this casserole Fire King "Peach lustre" dish with lid at savers for $3.99

I bought this from an estate sale down the block from me.
I bought it for $10.
It is in EXCELLENT condition, the only flaw is a chip in the inner side of the lid. No biggie for me.

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