Sunday, December 30, 2012

My favorite 2012 finds for Pyrex

Well, tomorrow is New Years Eve and I think it's time to recap on what I bought in 2012 that was really the bomb! I have started collecting Pyrex in September of this year so only a few months, but I must say I have a lot of Pyrex within these few months!
I keep my options open, I buy at the thrift stores, the antique centers and on eBay so I find a lot!
So here are my awesome finds of 2012, and bring it on 2013...I am so ready to find some awesome Pyrex =)

Here is my lonnnng list of my favorite Pyrex finds...

This was my favorite buy of 2012, my Moon Deco casserole that I bought on eBay in November.

I bought this beauty 2 weeks ago,this is the Orange Fiesta casserole, with fruit decals on the lid.
Got this in upstate, NY

My first Butterprint covered casserole! I love it. 
Found in upstate, NY

Rainbow Stripes! My first in this pattern.
Also found in Upstate NY

This is also one of my favorites, this is the Barbed wire promotional divided casserole.
Found in Dutchess County, NY

I have been looking for this for sometime now. This is the 4 Qt mixing bowl of the Pink mixing bowl set.
Found this in Dutchess County, NY

My lovely mom bought me this Blue Horizon 2 1/2 Qt casserole for Christmas.
Found this in NJ

My mom also bought me this for Christmas, the Snowflake 1 1/2 Qt casserole,
found in NJ

I love this one! It came with the original underplate too! 
This is the "Vintage"/Grapes casserole.
Found in NJ

My first Gooseberry pattern! This is another favorite of mine!
Found in Dutchess County, NY

This is my LOVE. Snowflake collection! 
Snowflake space saver, 2 divided dishes & one not divided dish.
All found in CT thrifts.

Blue Snowflake Cinderella mixing bowls & Butterprint Cinderella mixing bowl
Found in CT thrifts.

One of my very first finds in the thrift stores.
Turquoise chip and dip and red hostess.
I need to find their mates!
Found in CT thrifts.

My precious Flamingo Pyrex dinnerware, that I found in a GW in CT.
Such a steal at $1.00 a piece!
Now, I just need to add more to this so I can actually use it!

My lovely, lovely Pink Daisy 2 1/2 Qt casserole.
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one!

Found in CT

Pink Daisy & Charcoal Snowflake both divided casseroles.
Found in CT.

Early American mixing bowl set of 3. I am not a big fan of the Early American pattern, but I must admit I do have a soft spot for the white on just POPS.
Love this one.

Found in CT for $6

Not sure why most people do not like this Gooseberry pattern scheme.
I adore it. It is very unique.
I found these in Savers in CT.
Just recently, I found the yellow 1 1/2 Qt that was missing from this set and now I proudly have a complete set of this yellow and black gooseberry.

This Spring Blossom mixing bowl set I found COMPLETE and snatched it up for $8!
Another pattern people do not like too much, I like it...its very funky.
Found this in CT

Another favorite pattern of mine, Daisy.
Just beautiful!
The top picture. my husband surprised me with for Christmas

and the bottom picture, I bought in NJ.

My husband also surprised me with this under the tree, 
Designs is a mag pattern.

I also have this Blue Americana  Pint mixing bowl.
Another Christmas present from my husband.

Another Christmas present from my mom.
This is a promotional item. Royal is a divided dish with a lid with designs on it.
Really stunning.
Found in NJ

Now for my most favorite pieces of all time!
Golden Leaf  is a promotional 4 Qt casserole.
I am missing the lid and the holder but it is still a beauty!
Found in Adamstown, PA

Ohhh, sweet Holiday casserole how I love thy! =)
Another Promotional Christmas piece.
found in Adamstown, PA

Sweet, Golden Pointsettias, another Promotional casserole.
Found this in excellent condition, no scratches, no fading and no chips! 
Lucky me!
Found in Adamstown, PA

They look so nice together!

That is all for my favorites of 2012! Hope you enjoyed it..what are your favorite Pyrex items of 2012?


  1. Great recap. I think my favorite 2012 Pyrex finds were the blue and red primaries, and the snowflakes. But above all, I've really enjoyed discovering all the Pyrex lovers blogs in 2012.
    Happy New Year!!

    1. The snowflake pattern is awesome! Just bought a divided dish yesterday of that pattern. Will post today sometime.
      Meto, I love looking at everyones blogs, it is deff fun!

      Happy new year to you also! =)

  2. My faves in no order:

    A few were trades: Turquoise Blowing Leaves & Turquoise utility dishes.

    Antiqued: Turquoise Embroidery - I got it for a steal!

    Flea Market find: A complete set of Sea Isle/Chinese Grass Family Flair dishes.

    Happy New Year!

    1. All of your finds sounds great!!! You got some good things in 2012!

  3. You have such a nice collection. I only started last year and i collect slowly. I plan on having a booth some day so I buy any Pyrex I find. If I don't like it- someone else will!


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