Sunday, December 2, 2012

My Christmas finds

I found some Christmas stuff at Savers and also in the antique store on the corner from me, (lucky me) but her prices are somewhat high, she does have some Pyrex but she is retail for her stuff...BUT she was having a 20 % off sale on everything in the store so I dropped in.

I bought a few things..

I found this cute little snowman (left) at her store for $1.00
He  is actually a candle!

I found this buried under all of her other Christmas stuff.
My first Beistle!
This one is from 1979 and NEVER OPENED!
I had to open it though...I want to enjoy it!
I promise I will be careful with him =)

He was $2.00

Isn't he cute?

She had TONS of vintage Christmas ornaments but they were $20 and up!
So I found this one from a Woolworth's it was only $8!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! So do I. I felt bad taking him out of the packaging since he was never used, but I want to enjoy it so I did it anyway!


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