Thursday, December 13, 2012

My early Christmas presents from my mom.

I have more finds to show all of you. These are an early Christmas present from my mom.
She asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and of course I said Pyrex! Who wouldn't?!
This Sunday we went to NJ for a change since we always go to CT. We went to an antique flea market but it was raining outside and in the winter time this flea market is dull, nothing like the summer where it is hard to find a parking spot!
I saw a 1 1/2 Qt. Snowflake casserole and asked the older man who was selling it how much is it and he said $20 he said "I bought it that way and im selling it that way". and I put it down and walked away, don't care for his attitude nor his price.

We left the flea market empty handed and went to an antique center in NJ. We have been there before and although at the time I did not have an obsession with Pyrex, I would not know what I would find since I am addicted to Pyrex.

My mom bought me this Horizon Blue 2 1/2 Qt casserole.
It is in MINT condition!
Looks like it has never been touched just admired =)

It was priced at $22 and with the discount we got it for $19!

Then we went to an antique store right down the street from the one we just went to and I hit the mother load there!

This is my first piece in this pattern, the Pink Gooseberry.
It is the 1.5 Qt mixing bowl
Got it for $8.

Found this awesome Promotional item. It is called "Vintage" but everyone knows it as (Grapes).
I found it in perfect condition with the lid and the plastic under plate for $22 and got it for $15!

I did find this 1.5 Qt white on turquoise Snowflake casserole at this antique store!
It is the same one I saw at the flea market for $20.
My mom got it for $15.

My mom also bought me this retro pink oval casserole dish with a neat lid from Glasbake.
She got it for $10 bucks.

This last piece I ALMOST told the women to put it back because as she was wrapping it I noticed that it was a divided dish! I did not know that when I picked it up with excitement!
It has a clear glass lid (not divided) with a gold design on it, and the bottom dish is divided so it didn't make sense to me. but for some reason I held my breath and bought it anyway!
Thank goodness I did!
This is a promotional item.

This is from 1961. This pattern is called "Royal".
My question is, why would they put a glass lid on a divided dish, usually they make the lid divided also.?

That is all for now, Happy Pyrexing!


  1. So many great pieces. LOVE the Horizon Blue!

    1. Metoo, I think that's my favorite one in this haul! It is sooo pretty!


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