Friday, December 28, 2012

The Pyrex of Today

I am sure there are a lot of you that are with me on this!
Pyrex today is clear glass, plain and BORING. Pyrex is still made in the USA (Horray!)
Thank goodness for that at least, too many things are made in China but that is for another post!
When is today's Pyrex ever fun??
 I own one piece of today's pyrex and it is UGLYYYY. Clear and  plain. Not my thing.

Actually, I will rephrase that. The ONLY fun Pyrex of today that I do have is the limited edition Halloween canisters, I must admit they are cute! Other than that nothing else! What is with Pyrex?
I have asked my husband this question numerous times and he has a possible answer to it.
I ask " Why doesn't Pyrex produce more fun stuff, like they use to? Not even to make it fancy and pretty all the time, even limited editions." and his answer is "Pyrex probably can't afford to make them like that anymore, it is probably too costly."

Too costly my foot! They make well enough money, why oh why can't they make a nice vintage like limited edition of a casserole dish or mixing bowl set?? Does anyone else ask this question? Because I do! 
He said I should write to them, but not sure what that will do.....they should make Pyrex more fun, more decorative like they use to make them....maybe they should make a new pattern to add to the Pyrex patterns...I just don't get why they won't.

This is why they are loosing my business because I buy the vintage pieces! Not the new ones, is anyone with me on this?


  1. Yes, totally. You would think they would get that they could make a mint from those of us that collect it and maybe get some new collectors started.

  2. But,if it was readily available, we wouldn't have the thrill of the hunt anymore! The older oieces have so much character and stories to tell, if we only knew what they were! hah

    1. That's true....I wish I did know the stories of the pyrex, if only they could talk!! =)

  3. I admit to having clear Pyrex! Even though I use my vintage Pyrex all of the time, I started out with clear Pyrex that I thrifted. I still use it, especially when I'm baking a ton of stuff at one time, or if I don't have the vintage equivalent -- like the pie plates. Maybe they don't want to manufacture the colors and designs anymore because most people want to throw the stuff in their dishwasher instead of scrubbing it out by hand? (I don't have a dishwasher in any case!)

    1. I don't have a dishwasher either and think its kinda fun cleaning the Pyrex by hand!


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