Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Butterfly Gold before & after

Well recently, I bought this butterfly gold fridge dish at Savers for $1.99 without the lid, and realized at home I had a lid to another fridge dish and I never use it so I would put the lid on this beauty.
It was all marked up with metal marks but I knew I could take those off and restore its beauty.
Taa daaa.......it looks brand new! A little bar keepers friend comes in handy =)


  1. Good job - I bought BKF in liquid form and I'm a little afraid of it. Does it affect the "shiny-ness" of the Pyrex? I heard it work wonders.

    1. Well, This is news to me. I never knew it came in liquid form.
      I only have the powder and the powder works fine on colored pyrex and also on patterns. What I usually do is, If I can't get whatever marks with just the magic eraser I put the powder BKF on the Pyrex piece and let it sit for a few seconds...I never let it sit over a minute. Then I just scrub with the magic eraser or the rough side of the sponge and its gone!
      I am not sure how the liquid is...I hope its not stronger than the powder.


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