Friday, November 30, 2012

Some interesting finds

I went thrifting today as usual! As I said in a previous post I was going to an estate sale down the block from me but postponed it till tomorrow morning. I had so many places to go today, I just could not fit it in!

The ad says they are selling Pyrex and I did see a turquoise strip Pyrex bowl in one picture...hope it is still there and if it is a good price I will bring it home with me =)

Hopefully tomorrow brings a lot more Pyrex because today I only brought home 1 piece of Pyrex!!!!!

I usually bring home tons! There is a real Pyrex drought! and I am not liking this at all.

I almost did not bring this piece of Pyrex home because it was a little plain but I have NEVER seen it before so I decided to bring it home.

I did however find some other interesting vintage things....

My first stop was the Goodwill Outlet in CT. I have never been to a goodwill outlet nor did I hear about it before. I only heard it from a blog that I follow and she posted about it so I tried it out.

It was deff different than my norm, not a lot of glassware which I look for, this time was a lot of junk (sorry to say). Mostly new, shoes etc. I did bring home about 10 vintage books! All very interesting.

I will post my findings  sometime this weekend, when I get the chance to take some photos.

Wish me luck at the estate sale tomorrow, I hope I score on some Pyrex!


  1. Good luck at the estate sale!
    I went to a yard sale Sat morning and came back with my first white snowflakes on charcoal, with lid - yippee for me!
    Can't wait to see what you bring home!

    1. I will upload my finds within the next hour...

      You got your first charcoal snowflake?!! Isn't it awesome!!!!

      I LOVE the charcoal ones, so unique looking. Good going!


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