Thursday, January 17, 2013

Habitat for Humanity Restore

Well, I am adding a new destination on my list every Friday .besides the normal thrift stores that I go to I am going to go to the Restores for Habitat for Humanity.
I saw a new post on Retro Renovation, about Habitat for Humanity restores. What great finds you can probably discover! I am of course looking for only vintage stuff! New stuff? NO WAY!
So tomorrow I am going to go to about 4 of them and see what I can bring home! I am looking for Pink tile and Black tile for my bathroom, Black and white checkered tile for my kitchen floor, Mid century lighting (Lamps, light fixtures etc), chairs, kitchen chairs (I am in need of red and white chrome chairs to match my table!), anything vintage really...Can't wait to go and hopefully bring home A LOT! Has anyone ever been to HFH restore? if so did you find anything vintage?


  1. Yes, these were the stores I was writing you about earlier this month. I'm glad you found them around your place! We have one in town here and there's always interesting stuff. I even bought a 441 promotional Ivy Pyrex Cinderella there last fall.
    I hope you find lots of goodies!

    1. Yes, I checked them out and going to them tomorrow! Pyrex at these places? I hope I find some! I have a 2 door Honda civic so if I can't fit everything in my little car which I will try! then I will pay for it and pick it up with my dads jeep!
      I am soooooo excited to go!

    2. Can't wait to hear how you make out at them!


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