Wednesday, January 16, 2013

This weekend's finds

I must say, my luck is changing a bit. Not so much with Pyrex in the thrifts, but just in general, finding other fun vintage items.
I went to different thrifts this weekend. First I went to two antique center's 2 1/2 hours away, yes 2 1/2 hours away!  I love to travel so I don't mind. I only found one item in the first antique center, and the trip was well worth it. I did see Pyrex there, but either I had it already or the item was very scratched up. I saw a Daisy casserole with lid but the lid was so scratched up, I passed. In the same dealer she also had the Friendship divided dish and I do not have the friendship pattern yet but this item was also scratched up on the lid and if I am going to get it in an antique store it should be in pretty good condition with the prices they are asking, so I passed on that too. I ALMOST bought the Butterprint 4 qt cinderella mixing bowl in white on turquoise! I have never seen that before and I do not have it I just have it in turquoise on white but I also passed because they wanted $25 for one bowl and to me that's too much.

So no Pyrex in this store but I did find such a great thing!
I found this beautiful George Briard casseroles, two! With dual cradle with warmers.
The casseroles itself are by Fireking, they are clear speckled with gold glitter, really pretty. The tops seem to be brass with fruit decals on the top. So retro! I love it so much.



  1. Oouh - these graphics are very nice.
    I know how hard it is to pass up Pyrex patterns that you don't already have, but I too believe in holding-out if the condition or the price isn't right for me. I'm sure your patience will pay-off.
    Friendship would've been specially hard to pass for me!

    1. I adore this piece! It is gorgeous!
      I will look forward to using it in the summer time!
      They were too scratched, so I had to pass...I refuse to pay so much for scratched pyrex! I adore friendship, and I do not have this pattern yet, but the decals were in bad shape. Maybe soon!


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