Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Now for my craigslist score!

Here it is.......

Isn't it MAG?!!!!! I couldn't believe my eyes. It was ONLY $10! 
This is not a common piece for Butterfly gold, I actually just lost a bid on this same piece on eBay and it went for $50 or $60!
There is no chips whatsoever, no scratches and it came with the original lid! 
This baby is HUGE!
It is a 4 QT! 
I believe this is super RARE? Anybody knows about this piece???

This is the size compared to the Spring blossom Pyrex mug.
I actually used this huge casserole dish for last nights dinner, PASTA! Yummy.

Wasn't this worth waiting for =)


  1. Wow, that's a big casserole dish! So happy for you - it's a really nice addition for your BFG collection and you got a great deal.
    Totally worth the wait!!


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