Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The story of my home

I live in a apartment in my grandmother's house. She is 88 years old and is still doing fabulous! She has lived in this house since she was 19 years old which was the year 1943. She married my grandfather August 1st 1943. (Strangely enough, my wedding anniversary is July 31st 2010) I never thought about it until a year or so after I was married that just 1 day after was my grandparent's anniversary).

A little story behind my home. My grandmother's house was built in 1930 when my grandfather's parent's moved from Manhattan to The Bronx. My great-grandparents were not poor people. They were pretty well off. My great-grandfather had his own contracting business and had a bunch of men working for his company. My great-grandfather and his workers built my grandmother's house in 1930.
Even thought this is an old house, they do not make houses like this anymore. I always have loved coming to my grandmother's house as a kid. It was full of memories and history. My grandmother lived in this house her whole life, my mother was raised in this house, my family had 1950's parties in the basement with cousins and uncles and aunts and friends enjoying the time of the century.
My mother was married out of this house, and I was raised in this house and also married out of this house. There is so many wonderful memories engraved in this house. It really is a beautiful thing.
I would like to share with you some memories that this house has had over the years..

These are the pictures of my great-grandfathers constructing company.
My great-grandfather is the one to the botttom left, the man holding the bike.

These two pictures are from my house in the 1940's. The bride is my Aunt Ida, which is my grandfather's sister. With her in the top picture is her father, my great-grandfather in front of my house.
The bottom photo is taken inside the house with her mother, my great-grandmother.

This photo was taken in the 1950's. The women looking at the camera is my Aunt Rose. She is my grandfather's other sister who lived in my apartment for many years, and raised her two children in my apartment in the 50's and 60's. The women to the right is my grandmother. and the women by the door is my great-grandmother.
(Everything to this day in this house is still original. The windows, the walls, even the doors!)
So this room is exactly the same.
Taken in the front of the house, my grandmother calls it the "sun parlor"

This was taken in the 1950's. This is the parties I was talking about in the basement of my grandmother's house! All of my family members celebrating and enjoying each other's company.

This is my mom as a little girl, isn't she so cute? She was celebrating her birthday in the 50's. This was in their living room. I noticed the awesome vintage tablecloth in this picture.

This was a family portrait taken in my grandmother's living room.

An awesome 1950's photo. Seemed to be that they were going to a party.
This was taken in my grandmother's living room. 
(Left, my mom in the pretty blue dress, her two friends and the older girl to the right is my mom's sister)

Another great photo, my mom in the yellow dress with her awesome umbrella and her sister in the pink dress. 
Picture taken in the living room.
Dresses should be made this way again, so classy and pretty!

Picture taken in the mid 1950's.
My mom in the green dress, my great-grandmother, and my grandma to the right
Also taken in the living room.

Party in the 50's! 
Such awesome dresses! My grandmother to the left, with (left my mom, middle my Aunt Barbara and right my mom's sister)
Taken in the living room

Taken in 1946 or 1947 when my mother's sister was born. 
Here is my grandmother and her first born sitting on the steps of her house.

Taken in the 1960's. Taken in their living room. My grandmother in the black with her sister to the left and friend next to her.

My dad in the 60's. This picture was taken in my grandmother's bedroom.
She still has that same bedroom set!

My mom and dad in the sun parlor in the 70's.


  1. There is a lot of history there in those pics and looks like a lot of fun. Nice pics!

    1. Yes there deff is, and that is what I love about my home/grandmas home. Thank you, yes it deff looked like a lot of fun..too bad I was not there to have the fun! I was not even a thought in my moms eye at this time lol

  2. Wow, what great pictures-I LOVED them! I had no idea you live in an apartment in your grandmother's house, that is so awesome. I would love to live in an older building, what a sense of history you must feel.

    1. I feel so much history everyday! My grandfather was raised in this house when he was in his early 20's. It is such an awesome feeling. My husband is trying to restore some of the rooms back to its original beauty. I am so glad you enjoyed them! I will add more pictures soon!

  3. So fun that you are able in live in a house that has such a strong family history. It's nice that you appreciate it and want to maintain the memories!

    1. Yes deff! I love my grandmas house. She has some awesome 1940's-50's cabinets in her kitchen! I will take pictures of it and post on here soon, They are really awesome!


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