Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pyrex craigs list score!

I always love to talk to sellers at antique stores who sell Pyrex. Well, the Pyrex queen at this antique store emailed me to tell me to check out this one add on craigslist. I saw this listing before but I never clicked on it, because it said Pyrex baking pan, thinking it was new. She said look at it, because she knew I was looking for certain patterns etc. I clicked on it and soon to be hold I saw this amazing Pyrex LARGE casserole dish with original lid. For an AMAZING price, and it is super rare!
I called my husband at work right away just to tell him when he gets home from work we need to scoop this up ASAP. We sure did and there is not a scratch, a chip, a nick on it! It is in MINT condition! 

Now for the pictures...right?

To be continued =)


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