Saturday, January 19, 2013

Prosecuting Casey Anthony

I just finished watching the Lifetime Movie Prosecuting Casey Anthony. I think Rob Lowe did a great job of playing Jeff Ashton. I was NOT going to watch this movie because I do not support anything that has to do with Casey Anthony, but I decided to because it was not about Casey it was about the trial itself. My thought on the movie? Pretty good, just brings some emotion back of how these 12 jurors let this women walk away with killing her daughter. Is this system in our country correct? Or does it need some adjustments? I really do not want to even talk about Casey, it just gives her more of a name than the animal that she is, but I must say this.....If casey was innocent (which I do not believe) and she got off with a not guilty charge, her daughter is still dead...if she was innocent wouldn't a mother in their right mind try to find her daughter's killer, or try to get some justice for her daughter?????? I would be doing that! I would not let a day go by without finding the truth. But what does she do? Post diary videos on her computer, get spotted at a Olive Garden in Ohio and enjoy her life now that she is set free? This proves to me even more that she is guilty and will always be. But I do believe in karma, and I believe at some point in casey's life that karma will come around and maybe casey would do her time.
But in the end result, all I can say is I believe casey is guilty and so does most of the world and justice will come around sometime for caylee, I hope.

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