Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My last 2012 finds..

Here are my last 2012 finds from last Friday.

Found this beautiful 2 1/2 Qt Pink mixing bowl at an antique store that I never knew about and is on my route to the thrift stores! I stopped in and saw her, sitting on a shelf and knew I had to add her to my collection.
I already have a 4 Qt Pink mixing bowl from the week before so this is awesome for me! 
Two down, and two more to complete this set!
I got it for $10, not too bad and she is in really good shape too!

In the same antique store I found from another dealer this awesome piece.
Snowflake!!! Love this pattern. And I do not have the turquoise on white in a casserole yet, only white on turquoise and she is a big one, 2 1/2 Qt!
Got her for $19.
I really did not mind paying antique store prices because there is still a drought in the thrift stores for Pyrex. 

I also forgot to add this little guy, My husband bought me this for Christmas...
(Notice the other butterfly gold in the background) =)

and I stated in the previous post about the little fella.
I bought this Butterfly Gold fridge dish at Savers for $1.99.
It was all marked up with metal marks (see in previous post)
and I used a little bar keepers friend and its like brand new!
That bar keepers friend goes along way =)

Here are my two new friends being washed and ready to use!

That is all for now, Happy thrifting!


  1. Hi - nice new background - I can feel the January "coolness" of it! lol
    We got so much snow here during the holidays - I still need to shovel to the bird feeders to clear them of the snow and refill them.

    1. Thank you! =)

      Yes it gives it a january feel! lol
      In nyc we did not get a lot, we actually got a dusting and it was gone by the morning that it snowed! Too bad though, I wanted a white Christmas.


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