Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mid century Pearl Wick hamper

I am now a proud owner of this Mid-century Pearl Wick hamper! I found it at a new good will store in northern CT. I couldn't believe my eyes! I have been looking for a vintage hamper for some time now, I passed a pink and gold one up at Brimfield MA Antique fair this summer, she anted $40 and it was damaged...then I went to Adamstown PA and saw a pink and gold one for $60! Too much for me, it was in great condition, but come on for a hamper???!!! I'll pass!
Then I stopped at a goodwill store a new one for me, I was passing through on my way home and stopped at it....I found a few things in this one, it was pretty good but my major find was this hamper!

In beautiful condition, It is already in use! It has half of the original sticker on the inside of the lid and also on the back is the "do no rip off" tag. Pretty cool, love the handles and the whole Mid-century look to it!

The price was good too $10! These go for some money on eBay...score for me!


  1. Nice find! It looks like it's in great condition. Love the fleur-de-lys detail.

    1. Yes it is in great condition! They had another one in cream different design but I had no room in my car for another one!
      And the design on the side is great, looks like it was carefully used =)

  2. It sure does look to be in perfect and pristine condition!!


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