Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Update-Pink vintage bathroom

I need to express my feelings on Pink vintage bathrooms. I just love them! In today's society everyone likes the boring brown or beige. For me, this is really boring. I love color. I love 50's pink and black, or pink and green. So retro and so unique. I have a task ahead of me. I am re-doing my bathroom. It is original from the 30's or 40's which consists of white tile, white floor. Very boring and plain. My grandmother never updated her bathroom to the 50's or 60's in my apartment and that is what I am trying to do. I am calling all tile places and one person I got on the phone was extremely rude. I said to him I am looking for PINK TILE, he said "Pink tile??????", and I replied yes? He looked and said he thought he had something but he doesn't. He said how about red? I said no I would like Pink and then I said you know today's color's are so boring and he said well I don't think so, I think there are some nice colors.
He continued to say well I think pink is a boring color sorry to say....

can you imagine this? Nice customer service! Needless to say I hung up on him because he was being arrogant.

My question to you is, where can I find pink tiles? Does anyone know, I tried eBay and called a few places but no luck....=(

UPDATE- I found tiling company in California that carries Pink tile!  It is called B & W Tiles They are very accommodating and I will check out one more place next Tuesday in update NY where my mom lives. I am buying Black and white checkered tile for my kitchen! Right now is lanolin tile =/ not so great. Will update on the progress of the bathroom!  


  1. I agree, so very rude! I don't know anything about getting pink tile, but maybe if you called and said you were interested in a mid century modern style of design, you might get a better response? Have you ever gone to the site? Maybe they might have some resources for you.

    1. Well I did call up this awesome place in NJ, called World of Tile. Really nice women answered the phone. I was refered to this store by some website. She said they have vintage tiles and in Pink but only for a certain amount like for replacements etc not to re-do a whole bathroom.
      I really wanted to give my business to a mom and pop shop but they all seem to not have the type of Pink I am looking for, although I did not call all in my area which I may tomorrow..I called Home depot and they said they do custom orders for all colors, including Pink. I might be a little bit more expensive since it will be custom but that is Okay with me! I want my Pink and black bathroom!

  2. Have you thought about a Re-store kind of store (they are linked to Habitat for Humanity) - they often have donations of "new old" building/decorating stuff. Depending on the size of your room, you may be able to find enough.
    Nice redo on the site - now you're ready for Valentines!

    1. Thank you! Yes I am ready for valentines =)
      I never heard of that type of store before, I will check it out...thanks!

  3. Check out this website...they have tons of info
    Hope this helps, Beth

    1. Thank you, I am familiar with this site. I forgot to put an update on this post. I found a supplier in CA for Pink tiles. Thank you though =)


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