Monday, January 28, 2013

Thrifted mid century end table and some finds from my friend

Well, at one thrift shop they had some nice furniture! I needed a new"old" end table! The ones that I had were new and I did not care for anymore. I found this awesome end table and had to have it, needless to say I have a 2 door Honda civic and can rarely fit any furniture in my car...however I do try! This end table had to fit, and I made it fit and brought it home with me! It was only $14.99!!! At that price I would tie it to my roof! Isn't it pretty??

I recently told you in a previous post of my friend giving me his moms mid century china cabinet from his storage unit, well he also gave me these 2 mid century elephants, my hubby has loved elephants since he was a little boy, and they are pretty nice!
My friend also gave my husband the little plate on the end table (above) it is a Norman Rockwell plate, my husband loved Norman Rockwell! 

the two in the front are from my friend, and the one in the back is my husbands. His great grandma gave him that one.

Also my friend gave us this mid century ash tray. Even though my husband and I do not smoke, it is a pretty cool ash tray and is nice to the decor! My friend said it was his dad's from the 50's. It sits now on my mid century end table =)

Let's see what else I can bring home from his storage unit this Tuesday!

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