Monday, January 28, 2013

My Pyrex finds for the last two weeks!

It has been AWHILE since I have found any decent pyrex in the thrift stores. Finally this past Friday I found some! I was relieved =)

I must admit I have been cheating and finding some Pyrex in the antique stores, but for a decent price! I hope this Friday when I go thrifting I will find some more Pyrex, a girl can't have enough =)

I found this pretty little lady in an antique center in NJ. In great condition, this is the baking pan that I needed! It was $12

These two I thrifted! I couldn't believe my eyes when I found the 1.5 cup fridge dish turquoise. This goes to the Baby blue "robins egg" mixing bowl set. No lid, it was 2.95
I also found this Butterfly Gold 1.5 PT for my friend, she needed this one to complete her set in the Butterfly Gold mixing bowls, thrifted for 0.99 cents! I saw it as I was walking down the aisle to check out and saw it in the cart the guy just brought out, I snatched it up quickly!

My prized possession this week! I did not thrift this, but I bought it from this antique store in CT.
The dealer in the store is an awesome lady that I friended and we keep in touch through email. She notifies me when she gets new inventory so that I get first dibs! lucky me! She emailed me to tell me she just got this in and if I wanted it because she knew I was dying to find one! I quickly replied to her email and said yes I will pick it up Friday! She said she would put it in the back with my name on it and tell the women that I will be coming in to pick it up! I went in and picked it up! Wasn't that nice of her?! 
I got it for $26 well worth it to me! I love it.

This one I found at a thrift, isn't this the Horizon Blue pattern? If so this is my second piece in this pattern!
No lid, but in great condition! Got it for $3.95

These two I found at the same antique store in NJ. The blue heaven bowl with two spouts was only $6.25!  I took it right away!  It goes great with my blue heaven dishes =)

I found this baby blue mixing bowl 2.5 qt in another antique shop down the street, this is my first piece in the baby blue mixing bowls, now I have this and the baby blue fridge dish! 
This was $10, not bad! They had a baby pink mixing bowl but I already had it.

I found this at a thrift store, score for me! This is the round casserole 2.5 quart! No lid, I already have this one with the lid but who can't use extras =)
This was $3.95

This I found at a thrift store with the lid!!! In MINT condition, I quickly walked over to it and grabbed it! I had luck in this thrift store for the snowflake pattern. It was only $3.95!!!! What a great deal.
I already have this divided snowflake dish, actually I have about 3! Now I have 4. I can't have enough of this pattern. 

Just thought I would take a photo of some Pyrex =)

Found this also in a thrift. My grandmother has these canisters, large small all sizes! I bought her new ones because her old ones yellowed. So I wasn't sure if she had this size so I bought two for $1.75 each. 
When I checked she had about 4 of them in this size! So she gave me one! I wasn't too fond of it until I cleaned it I like it!

That is all the stuff I got over the past 2 that I look at it I found a lot!
Let's see what this Friday brings!

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