Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Renovating my 1930's/1940's bathroom

I finally found a company in California that has the pink tile I am looking for! I called them up this afternoon and they have what I want in stock, so tonight my husband is going to measure how much we need by square footage. It should not expensive. They are very reasonably priced. Right now my bathroom is white tiles, white ugly tiles on the floor. I am keeping the original knobs in the shower, they are very retro and you can not find them like this anymore! I will just polish them to their original beauty. I also have a original round shower rod. It has been painted over and over, wonder what's under all of that paint? I will have to find out!
I also have the original medicine cabinet....SO much paint on it! It deff needs to be stripped.
Right now my bathroom is powder blue and white...very boring. I HATE going in my bathroom.
It needs life to it. Can't wait to re-do it!
Here are a few pictures of my bathroom the way it is now....

They painted over wall paper, how stupid!!! Now it is peeling off.

The white tile floor, GROSS!

The hot and cold fixture in the shower, I am keeping this just need to bring it back to life!

the wall in the shower

and the vanity in the sink area, someone painted this time and time again, My husband has to strip it now!


  1. The problem with white tiles is that, after some time, it gets dirty and the stain sticks into the tiles that needs a whole lot of scrubbing. You’re so lucky to be living in a very beautiful vintage house. You really should remodel it and bring its old glory back! -Kip Whitehead

  2. Where are the after photos, Pyrex Junkie? I’m really curious about the pink tiles you’ve found! And I have a feeling you’re gonna use some chalk paint on the vanity and medicine cabinet, and then give them that distressed effect. ;) The art of chipping paint is a well-known element of vintage bathrooms, isn’t it? What’s your plan about the sink, by the way? -->Gabrielle


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