Thursday, January 31, 2013

New thrift stores tomorrow

I am going to a few thrift stores that I normally go to on Fridays but I am adventuring out and going to new thrift stores tomorrow! Hopefully the new thrift stores will bring me some luck on Pyrex!
Let's see what tomorrow brings!

P.S. I am going to be driving my father's Jeep so I am counting on bringing home a lot =)

Monday, January 28, 2013

My pyrex is overflowing!

I can not wait to get my china cabinet and also another piece of furniture to display it so I can make more room, my Pyrex is over flowing!!!! And the pictures below are only in my kitchen cupboard...I did not take pictures of my kitchen cabinets!

Some other finds...

I found this at an antique store in NJ. It is a pink 1950's napkin holder! So cute, it was $8.00.
Now, I need to buy some napkins and put them in here!

and then I found these Sour Cream glasses. I always loved the Sour Cream glasses but every time I see them they are in the antique stores and they ask such crazy prices for them! This time I thrifted them!
There was 6 of them but when I took them apart because they were stacked on top of each other 2 of them were already broken =( but at least I have 4! Originally it was a set of 6 for $3.95! 

Thrifted mid century end table and some finds from my friend

Well, at one thrift shop they had some nice furniture! I needed a new"old" end table! The ones that I had were new and I did not care for anymore. I found this awesome end table and had to have it, needless to say I have a 2 door Honda civic and can rarely fit any furniture in my car...however I do try! This end table had to fit, and I made it fit and brought it home with me! It was only $14.99!!! At that price I would tie it to my roof! Isn't it pretty??

I recently told you in a previous post of my friend giving me his moms mid century china cabinet from his storage unit, well he also gave me these 2 mid century elephants, my hubby has loved elephants since he was a little boy, and they are pretty nice!
My friend also gave my husband the little plate on the end table (above) it is a Norman Rockwell plate, my husband loved Norman Rockwell! 

the two in the front are from my friend, and the one in the back is my husbands. His great grandma gave him that one.

Also my friend gave us this mid century ash tray. Even though my husband and I do not smoke, it is a pretty cool ash tray and is nice to the decor! My friend said it was his dad's from the 50's. It sits now on my mid century end table =)

Let's see what else I can bring home from his storage unit this Tuesday!

My Pyrex finds for the last two weeks!

It has been AWHILE since I have found any decent pyrex in the thrift stores. Finally this past Friday I found some! I was relieved =)

I must admit I have been cheating and finding some Pyrex in the antique stores, but for a decent price! I hope this Friday when I go thrifting I will find some more Pyrex, a girl can't have enough =)

I found this pretty little lady in an antique center in NJ. In great condition, this is the baking pan that I needed! It was $12

These two I thrifted! I couldn't believe my eyes when I found the 1.5 cup fridge dish turquoise. This goes to the Baby blue "robins egg" mixing bowl set. No lid, it was 2.95
I also found this Butterfly Gold 1.5 PT for my friend, she needed this one to complete her set in the Butterfly Gold mixing bowls, thrifted for 0.99 cents! I saw it as I was walking down the aisle to check out and saw it in the cart the guy just brought out, I snatched it up quickly!

My prized possession this week! I did not thrift this, but I bought it from this antique store in CT.
The dealer in the store is an awesome lady that I friended and we keep in touch through email. She notifies me when she gets new inventory so that I get first dibs! lucky me! She emailed me to tell me she just got this in and if I wanted it because she knew I was dying to find one! I quickly replied to her email and said yes I will pick it up Friday! She said she would put it in the back with my name on it and tell the women that I will be coming in to pick it up! I went in and picked it up! Wasn't that nice of her?! 
I got it for $26 well worth it to me! I love it.

This one I found at a thrift, isn't this the Horizon Blue pattern? If so this is my second piece in this pattern!
No lid, but in great condition! Got it for $3.95

These two I found at the same antique store in NJ. The blue heaven bowl with two spouts was only $6.25!  I took it right away!  It goes great with my blue heaven dishes =)

I found this baby blue mixing bowl 2.5 qt in another antique shop down the street, this is my first piece in the baby blue mixing bowls, now I have this and the baby blue fridge dish! 
This was $10, not bad! They had a baby pink mixing bowl but I already had it.

I found this at a thrift store, score for me! This is the round casserole 2.5 quart! No lid, I already have this one with the lid but who can't use extras =)
This was $3.95

This I found at a thrift store with the lid!!! In MINT condition, I quickly walked over to it and grabbed it! I had luck in this thrift store for the snowflake pattern. It was only $3.95!!!! What a great deal.
I already have this divided snowflake dish, actually I have about 3! Now I have 4. I can't have enough of this pattern. 

Just thought I would take a photo of some Pyrex =)

Found this also in a thrift. My grandmother has these canisters, large small all sizes! I bought her new ones because her old ones yellowed. So I wasn't sure if she had this size so I bought two for $1.75 each. 
When I checked she had about 4 of them in this size! So she gave me one! I wasn't too fond of it until I cleaned it I like it!

That is all the stuff I got over the past 2 that I look at it I found a lot!
Let's see what this Friday brings!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

My NEW community blog

I would like to introduce you to my new (other) blog, Pyrex Junkie is my personal and this new one is for vintage lovers to become an author of the blog and post their awesome vintage your thrift finds, your antique shopping finds, yard sales/estate sales/craigslist scores/ebay buys....even post your home projects (re-doing your bathroom vintage style!, your pyrex displays, etc) So far I have 2 authors...if you would like to be an author of my new blog please email me at
and I will add you as an author, also if you have a personal blog that you would want me to link in the blog then let me know in the email!

Check out the blog (link is below in pink), it is coming along..I think it looks pretty good.

Living the 1950's life in the present

Friday, January 25, 2013

Luck has changed for Pyrex!

Well, I finally went to the thrift stores today and 1 antique store. My favorite thrift store was always loaded with vintage pyrex and then it grew blue like the winter. then finally today I struck some luck with finding some pyrex. I was happy with the treasures that I have found and can't wait to show all of you it over the weekend!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

FINALLY, getting a 1950's china cabinet!

I am finally getting a hold of a 1950's china cabinet! I have been searching and searching for one...and yet I found one back in the fall at Savers. It was $40 and it was beautiful, very mid century! I loved it, but I passed on it because I was not sure if it would fit in my apartment. I loved it so much I was going to buy it anyway and display it in my grandmother's house downstairs from me in her front room. It was a great price and in good condition, and exactly what I wanted. Enough room to display my Pyrex =)
But then Hurricane Sandy came along and wasn't able to go to CT. I went back to the Savers where they had it a week after Hurricane Sandy hit and it was gone! I was sure it would be there but someone was lucky enough to grab this treasure! Then I found another great mid century china cabinet on craigslist and it was located in CT. I adored it and it was a great price but it was not going to fit in my dad's was big! So I checked U-haul and they were pricey....almost $200 for u-haul and then an additional $150 for the hutch, it wasn't in my budget..I had to let it go.
So my good friend of mine is cleaning out his storage unit and he has his mother's furniture in there. He promised me his mother's china cabinet from the 50's. I have never seen it before, but we went to his storage unit this Tuesday and I loved it! It has two glass doors for displaying (Pyrex!) =) and the bottom has a lot of storage space for tablecloth's, silverware, napkins etc. Which I  need! He is giving it to me for nothing! I was so thankful. I can't wait to get it in my home and admire it.

He also gave me a full garbage bag full of his mother's vintage clothing! What gorgeous clothes she had!!!! We are going to go back to the unit this Tuesday to see if there is any more. What a treat! =) I will be posting pictures of the clothing over the weekend, they are from the 50's and 60's GORGEOUS!

All and all my start to this week was great and hopefully my weekend will be filled with some nice treasures to bring home!

Add another Pyrex ad to the list

I just bought this awesome and I must say different Pyrex ad, and it's featuring butterprint! One of my favorite patterns. I have NEVER seen this one before, and I love it! I have about 4 Pyrex ads that STILL need to be framed maybe I when this one comes in (because I bought this one off of ebay) then I will get them all together and frame them..

Here is a picture of it from ebay.

FYI- It has been 2 weeks since I have gone thrifting! Tomorrow finally I will be enjoying my day thrifting and going to a few habitat for humanity restores also. I hope I bring home some Pyrex! I have Pyrex that I have found over last weekend but have not gotten to take some pictures. I will I promise =)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Prosecuting Casey Anthony

I just finished watching the Lifetime Movie Prosecuting Casey Anthony. I think Rob Lowe did a great job of playing Jeff Ashton. I was NOT going to watch this movie because I do not support anything that has to do with Casey Anthony, but I decided to because it was not about Casey it was about the trial itself. My thought on the movie? Pretty good, just brings some emotion back of how these 12 jurors let this women walk away with killing her daughter. Is this system in our country correct? Or does it need some adjustments? I really do not want to even talk about Casey, it just gives her more of a name than the animal that she is, but I must say this.....If casey was innocent (which I do not believe) and she got off with a not guilty charge, her daughter is still dead...if she was innocent wouldn't a mother in their right mind try to find her daughter's killer, or try to get some justice for her daughter?????? I would be doing that! I would not let a day go by without finding the truth. But what does she do? Post diary videos on her computer, get spotted at a Olive Garden in Ohio and enjoy her life now that she is set free? This proves to me even more that she is guilty and will always be. But I do believe in karma, and I believe at some point in casey's life that karma will come around and maybe casey would do her time.
But in the end result, all I can say is I believe casey is guilty and so does most of the world and justice will come around sometime for caylee, I hope.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mid century Pearl Wick hamper

I am now a proud owner of this Mid-century Pearl Wick hamper! I found it at a new good will store in northern CT. I couldn't believe my eyes! I have been looking for a vintage hamper for some time now, I passed a pink and gold one up at Brimfield MA Antique fair this summer, she anted $40 and it was damaged...then I went to Adamstown PA and saw a pink and gold one for $60! Too much for me, it was in great condition, but come on for a hamper???!!! I'll pass!
Then I stopped at a goodwill store a new one for me, I was passing through on my way home and stopped at it....I found a few things in this one, it was pretty good but my major find was this hamper!

In beautiful condition, It is already in use! It has half of the original sticker on the inside of the lid and also on the back is the "do no rip off" tag. Pretty cool, love the handles and the whole Mid-century look to it!

The price was good too $10! These go for some money on eBay...score for me!

Habitat for Humanity Restore

Well, I am adding a new destination on my list every Friday .besides the normal thrift stores that I go to I am going to go to the Restores for Habitat for Humanity.
I saw a new post on Retro Renovation, about Habitat for Humanity restores. What great finds you can probably discover! I am of course looking for only vintage stuff! New stuff? NO WAY!
So tomorrow I am going to go to about 4 of them and see what I can bring home! I am looking for Pink tile and Black tile for my bathroom, Black and white checkered tile for my kitchen floor, Mid century lighting (Lamps, light fixtures etc), chairs, kitchen chairs (I am in need of red and white chrome chairs to match my table!), anything vintage really...Can't wait to go and hopefully bring home A LOT! Has anyone ever been to HFH restore? if so did you find anything vintage?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Vintage ads that I found

This past weekend I bought 3 LIFE magazines in 2 antique shops. I took out the ads that intrigued me and will frame then and enjoy them...some I might be selling.
Here are a few, I have much more!

This weekend's finds

I must say, my luck is changing a bit. Not so much with Pyrex in the thrifts, but just in general, finding other fun vintage items.
I went to different thrifts this weekend. First I went to two antique center's 2 1/2 hours away, yes 2 1/2 hours away!  I love to travel so I don't mind. I only found one item in the first antique center, and the trip was well worth it. I did see Pyrex there, but either I had it already or the item was very scratched up. I saw a Daisy casserole with lid but the lid was so scratched up, I passed. In the same dealer she also had the Friendship divided dish and I do not have the friendship pattern yet but this item was also scratched up on the lid and if I am going to get it in an antique store it should be in pretty good condition with the prices they are asking, so I passed on that too. I ALMOST bought the Butterprint 4 qt cinderella mixing bowl in white on turquoise! I have never seen that before and I do not have it I just have it in turquoise on white but I also passed because they wanted $25 for one bowl and to me that's too much.

So no Pyrex in this store but I did find such a great thing!
I found this beautiful George Briard casseroles, two! With dual cradle with warmers.
The casseroles itself are by Fireking, they are clear speckled with gold glitter, really pretty. The tops seem to be brass with fruit decals on the top. So retro! I love it so much.


Renovating my 1930's/1940's bathroom

I finally found a company in California that has the pink tile I am looking for! I called them up this afternoon and they have what I want in stock, so tonight my husband is going to measure how much we need by square footage. It should not expensive. They are very reasonably priced. Right now my bathroom is white tiles, white ugly tiles on the floor. I am keeping the original knobs in the shower, they are very retro and you can not find them like this anymore! I will just polish them to their original beauty. I also have a original round shower rod. It has been painted over and over, wonder what's under all of that paint? I will have to find out!
I also have the original medicine cabinet....SO much paint on it! It deff needs to be stripped.
Right now my bathroom is powder blue and white...very boring. I HATE going in my bathroom.
It needs life to it. Can't wait to re-do it!
Here are a few pictures of my bathroom the way it is now....

They painted over wall paper, how stupid!!! Now it is peeling off.

The white tile floor, GROSS!

The hot and cold fixture in the shower, I am keeping this just need to bring it back to life!

the wall in the shower

and the vanity in the sink area, someone painted this time and time again, My husband has to strip it now!